Follow Modi’s mantra for 2021 ‘Dawai Bhi Aur Kadaai Bhi’: Kavinder

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JAMMU: The BJP-led Centre government will ensure distribution of COVID-19 vaccine among people of all castes, creed and colour, equally, former Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Kavinder Gupta assured today as he advised to remain cautious against the deadly virus.
The former Deputy Chief Minister was speaking days after Union Territory administration commenced dry run of COVID-19 vaccine in Jammu and Kashmir.
In a statement issued here, Kavinder Gupta appreciated the decision of Central Government for announcing that COVID-19 vaccine will be provided free of cost to healthcare workers throughout the country. He sought to clear apprehensions on the distribution of vaccine by some political parties and assured that everyone in the country will get the vaccine.
“BJP is a secular party. Some parties and their leaders are misleading people on the distribution of the vaccine. Let me put this on record that the Government is committed to distribute the vaccine for COVID-19 equally among everyone irrespective of the color, creed and caste,” said Gupta.
Asserting that lakhs of lives have been saved due to decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to impose the lockdown at the right time, Gupta said that the country is lucky to have been led by the visionary leadership of Modi. He also cautioned people against any leniency in the fight against COVID-19.
“A new strain of COVID-19 has come, people should be cautious and should follow the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to follow his Mantra for 2021 that is ‘Dawai Bhi Aur Kadaai Bhi’,” he said.
Stating that the country is preparing for mass vaccination, the senior BJP leader said that the New Year is coming with the hope of treatment. He appealed to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to follow the mantra of Prime Minister with an aim to contain spread of COVID-19 pandemic. “Around one crore people have recovered from COVID-19 and the number of daily fresh cases in India is going down. New Year 2021 is coming with new hope of treatment,” he emphasized.