First “Trans-Man” To Take Part In Men’s Body-Building Contest, Win Prize


Winning a prize and that too the second is not a big deal at a muscle competition for today’s gym-savvy generation. But here is a news that makes even winning the second prize at a body-building competition special because the prize has been won none other than a trans-man, the first in India to achieve such a feat.

On December 1, Aryan Pasha, a 26-year-old lawyer from East Delhi, participated in the Muscle Mania India contest and finished second on the podium.

Aryan never participated in any competition that rewards the best in the business since he had reservations whether his gender identity would allow him. Nevertheless, he took part in the Men’s Physique (Short) category in the above mentioned competition in Delhi, becoming the first-ever representative from the trans-community to do so. “I always wanted to participate in a competition. But I didn’t know that I would be allowed because of my identity. I am happy that I made it this time,” InUth quoted Aryan as saying.

Aryan, who had once tried to go to a body-building competition in the US but did not get visa, approached the organisers of the Muscle Mania India contest with a nervous heart but was glad to know that they had no issues with his gender identity and gave him the green signal to go ahead.