With terrorism having wreaked havoc in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir during the past few decades and despite duly elected governments running the state of affairs here, the system had become totally irresponsive most probably due to failure of such successive governments to understand and realize the ground realities and the miseries faced by the common man. However, in the just created Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir during the tenure of incumbent Lieutinant Governor Manoj Sinha, the people are feeling for the first time that the system of governance has become quite responsive and it would not be wrong to state that it has undergone a drastic transformation with all-round development having become the key word for governance not only on papers but getting translated on ground in true letter and spirit. One can undoubtedly feel the difference with the unprecedented pace of decision making unheard of in the erstwhile state. The Lt Governor and his team seem to be fully determined in rebooting the unresponsive system and of course much success has been achieved on this front. Though the initiative of rebooting is evident from the fact that orders are being issued categorically to address each and every issue without delay including recruitment process and self-employment initiatives besides announcing a slew of new policies and SOPs to end the long struggle of the youth to get employed, as well as asserting to end the scourge of corruption in order to ensure embedding of good governance for the benefit of the people, the same would prove to be fruitful only on carrying on the governance for a prolonged period with the same tempo and spirit. While various Chief Ministers of the erstwhile State of J&K had made multiple promises before taking over the reins of the state only to fail in delivering up to people’s expectations because of remaining busy in their other vested pursuits and cat and mice play. One can’t help but acknowledging the fact that the incumbent Lieutinant Governor deserves full credit for making relentless efforts right from day one to bring the governance in this Union Territory back on rails and that too by ensuring that the results are delivered as per the expectations of the common people of this state who suffered immensely even when their elected representatives were in the governance. The promises of good governance before elections in the erstwhile State failed every time due to the orthodox senior coterie dominating the cabinet, who could clearly sense the possibility of losing enormous bounties in case good governance rules the roost. As of today, the people of this sensitive Union Territory are clearly feeling the pulse of good governance due to the vigorous and relentless efforts of the present Lieutinant Governor Manoj Sinha who is virtually on the heels 24X7 to ensure that those who are crying hoarse for restoration of Statehood and elections to the Assembly at least learn the skills for good governance before entering the Assembly after the elections. It is hoped that whenever a duly elected government takes the reins of this UT, it takes cue from the present LG led Administration leaving no scope left for reversal of the achievements in terms of good governance system, besides adding further gloss to it so that States and UTs across the nation emulate this governance system.