Father Kills 6 Year Old Girl In Jammu, No Action Even After Days Of Incidence


In a shocking incident that has come into light in Jammu is of a murder of a 6 year old girl  was allegedly killed by her father when he strangled the girl for long and also continued the heinous act after the girl died.

The incident took place on April 19 when the minor named Sanjana Bhagat was killed allegedly in front of her mother. Her mother pointed out the ill behaviour of the father towards the child for she was the girl child. She also said that the father repeatedly accused her and the daughter emotionally and physically.

Mother and some relatives approached police in regards to complaining the incident but no heed was paid to their plea. Family members along with Council of Civil Liberty held a protest against the inaction in the case by different sections of the authority and also demanded justice for Sanjana.

They also put forth the appeal to the Governor for immediate intervention and Special Investigation Team.