Farmer Destroys Brinjal Plantation After Receiving 20 Paisa Per Kg


Driven to despair by being offered a meagre 20 paise per kilogram for his brinjal production, a farmer in Maharashtra destroyed the entire plantation on his land to save himself from incurring further losses. Rajendra Bawake, from Sakuri village in Rahata tehsil of Ahmednagar district, claimed he earned only Rs 65,000 after investing Rs 2 lakh and putting in all his energy to cultivate the brinjal crop.

Frustrated with the low income, the distraught farmer uprooted all brinjal plants from his field and threw them away on Sunday. “I had planted brinjal on two acres of land and laid pipes for drip irrigation. I used fertilisers, pesticides and modern mulching techniques to enhance the production. The total investment came to around Rs 2 lakh. In return, I earned only Rs 65,000,” Bawake told

The cultivator said he now owes dues worth over Rs 35,000 to fertilisers and pesticides supplier. “I don’t know how I am going to raise that money,” he rued. Bawake claimed that when he tried to sell his produce at the wholesale markets in Nashik (Maharashtra) and Surat (Gujarat), he fetched merely 20 paise per kg.