Entrepreneurship curriculum to have a long-term impact in schools: Sisodia

NEW DELHI: The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) is not a mere scheme or initiative but an indispensable subject in every Delhi school and will have a long-term impact, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Tuesday. He made the comments at a review meeting for EMC where he interacted with district and zonal EMC coordinators. He also launched its-kind web application for all principals, teachers and EMC coordinators to access related teaching-learning material.
“The purpose of EMC is to work and build on entrepreneurial mindset in our students. Our school community, especially our teachers and heads of schools need to accept EMC as a subject in their daily teaching and learning. It is not just an initiative or a scheme but an indispensable subject that will equip our students with the mindset and skills needed to triumph in any challenge. ”We have to take the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum very seriously and, through it, enable students to apply what they learn. EMC as a subject will help students identify opportunities for self and will be successful in careers and life,” Sisodia said.
Describing the important parts of the curriculum, Sisodia said the EMC has been designed in a way that practical and interactive learning is a daily occurrence in every student’s life, so that students are able to use their knowledge and apply in real life. ”The thematic units of EMC include sharing success stories of students and activities, there is a micro-research project where students understand the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, then we have live interaction with entrepreneurs wherein local and renowned entrepreneurs interact with students. ”Through this live interaction with entrepreneurs, the minds of children are ignited to ask pertinent questions to entrepreneurs, whether it is about their failures or successes. We have to plant seeds in the mind of our children that will spark the right questions,” he said. Sisodia, who is also Delhi’s Education Minister said the government has revisited the Seed Money Project under which they used to disburse Rs 1000 to children to start their own enterprise. ”We have revisited this project now and plan to give Rs. 2000 to children, after reviewing the prototype they create based on their idea. We are ready to give Rs. 50,000 if children want to form a group of 25 students and create an enterprise,” he said.