It is a stark reality that post independence the world’s largest democracy witnessed for decades the obnoxious trend of the real or existential secularism that existed here for centuries getting replaced by ‘Political Secularism’, courtesy, those at the helm of affairs in governance for. This unfortunate and unwanted development resulted from the greed of holding reins of power by the politicians for which they continued playing vote bank politics card from time to time with the voices pitched high whenever the elections approach near. It needs to be acknowledged by the people of this mighty nation irrespective of their caste, creed and religious affiliations that politicians should have critical skills for creating positive perceptions so that while following the process they are able to rewrite history. It would not be wrong to state that politics is not just about development, nation building and governance but perception building is one of the most significant ingredients of politics and it is always in the greater interest of the nation and its people that the aforesaid perception of the people as well as that of the politicians is in complete unison. Only then democracy will flourish in letter and spirit. However, reality remains that with the passage of time after independence the continuous usage of vote bank politics that too on the basis of religious minorities slowly and steadily paved the way for communalism that India is confronted with as a serious problem after terrorism especially when the neighbour country leaves no stone unturned in exploiting every volatile situation to create more unrest many a times leading to mayhem, arson and violence. The politicians without realizing that minority communalism has the full potential of giving birth to majority communalism that would only deepen the divide, continued to pursue their favourite agenda of vote bank politics by making tall claims of being secularists who alone can safeguard the interests of all the minorities across the nation. After seventy five years of independence the people of this nation today feel sick of repeatedly hearing the claims and counterclaims of being secular parties by the politicians of various political parties. Some political analysts have quite rightly coined the term ‘Political Secularism’ for this ideology followed by most of the politicians nowadays. In fact the people are now fed up with over-dosage of this ‘Political Secularism’ and can easily see through their game plan. People feel that it was due to such political secularists that absence of a unifying ideology or a mass political movement to transform India is being felt even today despite the change of guard at the Centre after so many decades. After a thorough analysis of the political developments post independence till date one can easily conclude that there is absence of ethical or principled politics and the perception of minority or majority vote bank politics has undoubtedly proved to be a negative rather dubious perception that will never allow ending of the communal divide.  It is hoped that the politicians read the writing on wall and bid farewell to divisive politics and ideologies and create only positive perceptions to win the support of masses that would undoubtedly be a significant step towards rewriting history. The earlier they do the better it would be!