Eid-ul-Adha; Srinagar baker claims his biscuits boost immunity

Srinagar: Can you bake immunity? A baker claims “eat my biscuits and Boost strength” while doctors outrightly reject saying there can be nothing as such except balanced diet to beat weakness in human body.
The seller affirms his biscuits strengthen muscles as they possess special ingredients and people in these COVID times are giving in to the promise.
The owner Sofi Mohideen of the bakery, Hilo Makhbaz situated in Nowgam in uptown Srinagar has launched a line of biscuits, including Oatmeal, Almond Honey, Walnut, Pistachio and Khajoor, days ahead of Eid-ul-Adha, which will be celebrated on August 1.
“We have manufactured these biscuits keeping in mind the current nutritional requirements of the people and to boot their immunity in view of COVID-19 pandemic,” Sofi said.
The baker said that he is also planning to launch cakes and pastries on similar lines in the coming days. “The cakes and pastries will also help people to boost their immunity,” he said.
He said the as the items used in the biscuits are expensive, they will be sold at Rs 600 per kg. However, Doctor Association Kashmir (DAK) has rejected the claims, saying that nothing can boost immunity because everyone has an inbuilt immunity, which can be maintained by having proper diet. “Such claims can give a false sense of security to people which can be counterproductive in times of COVID-19,” DAK president Dr Nisar-ul-Hassan said.
He further said, “It can get altered or weakened due to chronic disease, including cancer, diabetes, hypertension etc. Immunity is also adversely affected due to stress. Even if a person has no disease and has stress his immunity will be weaker than a person who is healthy with no stress,” he said.
Dr Hassan said weak immunity of people with documented deficiencies can be boosted by giving right amount of vitamins and minerals. “A natural balanced diet is more likely to help a person maintain his immunity rather than medicines,” he added.