Economic prosperity is linked to foreign policy, says Naga BJP leader


Stating that economic prosperity of Indians is now linked to foreign policy initiatives and investment from overseas, a senior Nagaland BJP leader has said that countries like Japan in last few years have started taking immense interest in north east of India.

“My understanding is clear – economic prosperity of Indians is now linked to diplomacy and foreign policy, and the roadmap in international realm is guided by the footsteps Prime Minister has taken,” Nagaland BJP vice–president Sukhato Sema has said here.

“Mr Modi’s efforts have yielded positive results and in last few years, countries like Japan have started taking immense interest in north east of India. These are all welcome developments…This is the ‘New India vision’ – the Prime Minister has been underlining,” Dr Sema told UNI.

He said, Mr Modi’s stewardship of foreign policy, his interactions with world leaders and the manner India is being given importance in the comity of nations suggest the world ‘wants India to do well’.

To a question, he said : “The push for connectivity includes connecting all the habitations through all weather roads under PM Gram Sadak Yojana and building a network of industrial corridors”.

In this context, Dr Sema said: “I am sure north eastern states and other smaller states will benefit from these”.

Lauding the maiden Budget presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, he said: “The Budget 2019 makes it clear that the government of Prime Minister Modi has sent a strong signal that infrastructure development will be a top priority in the second term”.

“I must say from the Act East Policy of the Modi government – which has specific importance for us in the north eastern region – and other foreign policy efforts, an important underlining message we get is that Prime Minister has strong focus towards India’s domestic interest,” he said.

“This is all the more important for us the Nagas and other natives in the north east because our smaller states have so far not able to take any major step in augmenting funds from abroad…but some beginning has been made in recent past,” he remarked.