Each Soul Is Potentially Divine And This Thought Must Lie In The Mind

Most precious asset of every nation is its youth. A country’s future lies in the hands of youth. For the upliftment of a nation, it is necessary to channelize the potential, zest and energy of the youth in a positive manner. It has the power to develop a nation and move the nation towards progress. It is responsible for bringing social reforms within the country. In the present scenario, the implementation of Swami Vivekananda’s ideas is much needed which always hoped for a strong and empowered youth. Qualities like liberal thinking and social reformation evolves through the young people who thrive betterment to the society.
National Youth Day
National Youth day 12th of January in India is celebrated to honour the most eye-catching leader, Swami Vivekananda and to spread awareness about the most significant asset that the youth is and how they can contribute to the country’s development. Theme of National Youth Day and the mind set of the youth are immensely correlated with each other in present covid situation.
This year the theme of the National Youth Day 2022 is ” It’s all in the mind.” It means that whatever the deeds did by us the product of our mind.
Every year the Government of India keeps a new and innovative theme for occasion of National Youth Day. This theme is brought into the context due to present or we can say that contemporary scenario in the country. The Youth of the country stays at home since march 2020, the lethargic attitude of the youth is not good for the society as well as for the nation. Many young children were facing mental trauma in this pandemic, their sense of aggression is raising, their false attitude not only harms them but also harms their loved ones psychologically. This pandemic provides opportunities as well as challenges. Due to worsening conditions, everyone focussed towards the challenges and they lose their temper very quickly and it can be fatal for the society and country. They are stressed. So it is necessary to keep their and illuminated with Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts and siphon them towards the nation’s building blocks of the nation. They must be aware of the Swami Vivekananda’s famous quote, ” Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal in reached.” This kind of thought is morally correct in bringing a new enthusiasm in them..
Some of Teachings of Swamiji’s which spread awareness among the youth.
Believe in yourself!
This thought is very much justified with the theme of National Youth Day 2022. When we believe our self, this believe generates in our mind. It is only the mind in which the sense of believing in developed. As we know that all powers of this universe lies in ourselves. So keeping walking on the path which you think is right for you, the success will be yours.
Be the Best Version of yourself!
It is good to learn good things from others. Swami Vivekananda always propagated the idea of individualism. He emphasized that there are moralistic codes for everyone but it does not mean that one should follow these codes blindly. Whatever we hear, we should analyse it and then we incorporate it into our life. He propagated the idea of an individual perspective of looking at things.
The Importance of self introspection!
This teaching of Swami Vivekananda is something which we all need to follow at every wake of our life. Whatever we do in our life we should possess peaceful attitude within our self. We need to self introspect to not only know what we really want from our life but also to analyse our self and try to find the scope within. Vivekananda believed that only we possess the potential to correct ourselves. For inner peace, we must follow the teachings of Vivekananda because it’s all in the mind. The teachings of Swamiji brings a better version of us.