It is a fact that common people in both India and Pakistan want peace and are least interested in the belligerency between the two neighbours. However, it is a stark reality that the real governance of the Pak establishment lying in the hands of Army and its ISI has never been in favour of the people’s desire despite the fact that as of today Pakistan due to its terror misadventures has got isolated globally besides having become completely bankrupt. It is really an irony that Pak military establishment alongwith their families are enjoying lavish lifestyles despite the nation having become absolutely bankrupt crumbled under the US debt. As if all this was not enough that Pakistan has now again come under heavy debt due to Chinese investment in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which leading analysts from across the globe feel is bound to fail and instead tighten Chinese grip over Pakistani territory. Pakistan did not stop here only, but keeping in view the India China face off along LAC and escalation on both sides thereafter, Pakistan has even offered its air bases to China to be used against India. Moreover, it has been reported that there has been a tripartite arrangement/ agreement among Pakistan, China and Terror organizations to conduct unprecedented terror strikes against India. This stance of Pakistan is a great folly considering the fact that not only the two nation theory on the basis of which Pakistan was established has proved to be a total failure, even the policy of Pakistan viz-a-viz Kashmir relentlessly pursued by it right from 1947 till date has not only proved to be an utter failure but has backfired making Pakistan taste the poison that it injected into India by way of Jihadi culture. Unable to digest its defeat on all fronts Pakistan still doesn’t want to leave any chance to lock horns with India, not realizing that the whole world except China, North Korea and Pakistan stands with India despite India itself being a mighty power in the international arena today that made China go on the back foot despite first daring the world’s largest democracy along LAC. Pakistan needs to realize that it is facing the worst internal strife today amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with costs of all essential commodities sky-rocketing and having gone out of reach for common Pakistani and resentment is brewing up across the rogue nation with voices for liberation gaining ground not only in Gilgit Baltistan, Sindh Baluchistan but even in Pak occupied Kashmir people are vying to be ruled by India to which the area actually belongs. Pakistan has been committing follies one after the other viz-a-viz India, but now it has committed a faux pas by conspiring with the dragon, without realizing that basically China is a land grabber and eyes only on encroaching areas by creating death traps for weaker nations through investments and then crumbling them under the debt which a nation like Pakistan will never be able to pay. Pakistan needs to realize that it is pursuing a dream of impossibilities. Even in case of any eventuality of war between India and China, Pakistan will have to suffer as a consequence of its unholy nexus with the dragon and undoubtedly its damage suffered will be far more as compared to that of China. Since the people of Pakistan want to live in peace, it is for Pakistan to listen to the sane voices of its own people so that it is saved from otherwise imminent bloodshed and devastation so that the people of the subcontinent enjoy amity, peace and prosperity in all times to come. To ensure this, the Pak establishment will have to abdicate its belligerent intentions and conspiracies with other nations especially China against India. The earlier it does the better it would be in its interest as well as in the interest of its people. It must understand that it is only pursuing a dream of impossibilities.