Dogri Radio launches its 100th episode on Santoor Maestro Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma

JAMMU: Jammu Diary, a Dogra Socio-Cultural and Literary Trust, announced the launch of the 100th episode of the Dogri Radio. This episode is dedicated to the great son of the Duggar, Santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, who has brought laurels to the nation and the land of Duggar through his matchless expertise on Santoor.
It is pertinent to mention that Santoor is considered to be the prime instrument in Trika Sadhna and even Shiava Acharya Abhinava Gupta termed it as in instrument to catalyse the Bhiarava consciousness.
In this episode, Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma traces his journey in the field of music and his affinity with Santoor. He is known for improvising the instrument and is the matchless exponent of this tradition who has no parallel in the field.
He emphasised the importance of cultural legacy and the need to preserve traditions based on cultural and civilizational moorings that give the identity.
Jammu Diary dedicates this episode to the Land of the Duggar, its people and the entire nation.
“We at the Jammu Diary are dedicated to preserve our rich cultural and civilizational legacy to sensitise the young generation to remain steadfast in upholding their identity and keep the civilizational traditions alive in the continuity,” said a member.