Dogra Art Museum reflects the culture of ancient people of J&K and its rulers: Dr Sharma

JAMMU: Dating back to April 18, 1954, the then Dogra Art Gallery in the city of Temples was inaugurated by first President of Independent India, Dr Rajendra Prasad at Gandhi Bhawan. Now the Gallery is known as Dogra Art Museum since it was shifted to Mubarak Mandi Complex and was upgraded into full-fledged Museum in the year 1991.
Enriched with the historic and ancient objects, the Dogra Art Museum has a collection of 7216 objects of historical and cultural importance. Among the collections are the Rasmanjari series of the famed Basohli miniature paintings and some rare manuscripts like the beautifully illustrated Shahnama and Sikandernama in Persian.
Terracotta heads, Sculptures, numismatics, manuscripts, Dogra costumes, jewellery, arms and armours, metal objects and artifacts related to Decorative arts added zeal to the Museum.
The intricately decorated marble jharokhas with inlaid work of semi precious stones in the marble hall further embroiders the charisma of the Dogra Museum collection. A gold plated bow and a stone plate with inscriptions in Takri Script are among some of the most prized possessions of the museum.
Greater Jammu tried to explore the maximum of Dogra Art Museum and know the ground reality in there.
Assistant Director of Archives, Archaeology and Museums, Dr Sangeeta Sharma while taking to Greater Jammu said that the Museum reflects the living culture/style of ancient people of J&K and its rulers.
She said that the Dogra Art Gallery was shifted from Gandhi Bhawan to Mubarak Mandi to preserve the historic and ancient things from all walks of antique culture. “All the objects of historical momentous in Dogra Museum are preserved well it is one of a kind,” Dr Sangeeta said.
Assistant Director said that locals of Jammu on occasion also come up with their ancient belongings left by their ancestors to donate to the Museum which apparently adds to it.
“Some people also come to sell their ancient things of historic momentous and we do purchase if it is real and factual. A team of experts decide the current cost/prize of the ancient object or manuscripts,” she said and added that we do appreciate those for coming up with the objects of historic significance.
Dr Sangeeta said that they face a lot of problems in the maintenance of the Museum besides the climate there is not suitable enough and beneficial for the historic things.
“We have well equipped conservation lab with experienced experts taking care of the ancient objects. If at times, any objects, coin, numismatics or manuscripts is to be conserved, we immediately shift it to conservation lab,” Dr Sangeeta said.
She added that this Dogra Art Museum is of a kind since Basohli miniature paintings are only being preserved here and the biggest Museum in Jammu decision needs utmost care and preservation of the objects of historical importance.