Dog Awarded With Honorary Diploma


Dogs are known to be human beings’ best friends but what if we tell you that the camaraderie between human beings and the animal can be so deep that both can end up graduating from a university? Yes, you heard it right.

Twenty-five-year-old Brittany Hawley graduated from New York’s Clarkson University on December 15 and she was not the only one to get awarded for her feat. Even her service dog Griffin received his own honorary programme, wearing robes and hat. The social media was overwhelmed by the occasion and praises kept pouring it.

Hawley is wheelchair-bound since she was 16 after she was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

It was then when Griffin was brought in as her service dog for two-and-halDf years during when the canine, besides helping Hawley with items, opened doors for her, turned on the lights and also kept her guarded.

The dog also attended all the classes, study sessions, faculty appointments and research projects with Hawley to be present there to extend her emotional support.