Divide JK Into 4 parts, Says Sushil Pandit

Jammu & Kashmir

The reiterating demand regarding POLITICAL REORGANIZATION of Jammu & Kashmir State and division of Kashmir province to create a centrally administered Union Territory of Panun Kashmir (PK) to the North and East of river Jhelum for the rehabilitation of internally displaced Hindus of Kashmir, the academicians, intelligentsia and political activists belonging to Jammu, Laddakh and Hindus of Kashmir, participated  in a Seminar organized by PANUN KASHMIR to commemorate the 29th HOMELAND DAY. The participants fully endorsed the demand of granting Union Territory status to Ladakh and Full Statehood to Jammu region.

“Division of Kashmir to create a UT in Kashmir for rehabilitating the displaced, UT for Ladakh and Statehood to Jammu are imperative to defeat the ongoing religious fascist war being waged by Pakistan in J&K.  It shall not only empower the patriotic people of the present State but will also restrict the scope of radical Islamist Forces to just a few districts of Kashmir valley and redeem peace-loving nationalist minorities from the slavery of Kashmir-centric theo-fascists”, concurred the speakers unanimously.

A prominent Kashmiri Hindu leader and foremost intellectual, Sh. Sushil Pandit, emphasizing on necessity to contest the regressive politics dominating all shades of political spectrum in Jammu & Kashmir, said that Government should bear in mind that fascist movements have to be defeated intellectually to liberate the people from its grip.  Unfortunately, the Indian State believes in status quo and refuses to see light. He said categorically that it is Delhi, which is responsible for all ills in Jammu & Kashmir. “It is Delhi which is responsible for creating an Islamic State in Jammu and Kashmir.  The hope that in 2014 Indians elected a nationalist party in the hope to bring about a paradigm shift, have been belied,” said Sh. Sushil Pandit.  He said that the Hiundus of Kashmir are all committed to Margdarshan-91 and would not rest till they achieve division of Kashmir in order to create Homeland to the North and East of River Jehlum with a Union Territory status; and that Panun Kashmir shall continue its efforts to educate the people of India along the length and breadth of the nation about the threat posed by Jehadis not only to Kashmir Valley but to entire nation.  He said that we should learn from Laddakh, where all parties and people are unanimous about UT.