Div Com seeks help to restore pristine glory of Dal Lake

Srinagar: Seeking cooperation from all for restoring pristine glory of world famous Dal Lake, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, Pandurang K Pole Friday said the water body is the crown of Kashmir and it is the responsibility of one and all to contribute for its preservation and restore its erstwhile glory.
Mr Pole was interacting with different stakeholders with regard to preservation and conservation of the Lake here Friday.
Addressing the meeting, the Divisional Commissioner said the world famous Dal Lake is called jewel in the crown of Kashmir and it is the responsibility of one and all to contribute for its preservation and restore its erstwhile glory.
He said the administration is taking concrete measures for preservation of the Dal and redressal of the problems of people associated with it.
The Divisional Commissioner said preservation of Dal Lake being a multidimensional issue comprising environmental, scientific, humanitarian, economic and legal requires a joint effort from all stakeholders.
He said the regulation of the existing commercial establishments including hotels, houseboats and residential areas needed to be seen in light of their functional needs as well as the conservation of the lake.
Pole appreciated the concern raised by the participants for initiating discussions which he said would be critically important for vision and formulation of strategy.
Meanwhile, Vice Chairman LAWDA Tufail Mattoo, also spoke on the occasion and said the preservation of the Dal Lake is the responsibility of Government but equally to be shared by all the stakeholders.
He said various initiatives are being taken for mapping of encroachments, maintaining of desirable water levels and regular flushing, strengthening of enforcement unit, choking of streams and canals, de-weeding and dredging operations, plantation drives to prevent soil erosion.
Besides suitable rehabilitation of the dwellers, facilities for smooth operation of business establishments including hotels and houseboats, beautification and creation of public facilities which would now be prioritized and followed-up one by one.
While putting forth their issues, the stakeholders thanked the Divisional Commissioner for inviting them and giving an opportunity to voice their concerns.
They also demanded that a viable sewage treatment systems is needed to be put in place around the lake with the capacities to cater to the huge volume of sewage and urged the chair that all their genuine concerns may be addressed on priority.
During the interaction, experts also shared their experiences and put forth valuable suggestions for conservation and preservation of Dal Lake.
Vice Chairman LAWDA Tufail Mattoo, Director Tourism, Nissar Ahmad, Deputy Director Planning and other concerned officers were present at the meeting, while representatives of Dal Dwellers, Houseboat Association and other persons associated with Dal Lake also attended the meeting.