District-Wide Crackdown on Traffic Violators Continues in Doda District

DODA : Under the decisive leadership of Deputy Commissioner Doda, Harvinder Singh, a rigorous drive has been launched to clamp down on traffic violations across the district. This comprehensive effort targets both commercial and private drivers to ensure the safety and compliance of road users.

On the fourth consecutive day, MVD, Executive Magistrates and Police Officers conducted extensive checking across the district.

The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD), led by Robin Parihar MVI, Neetan Singh AMVI, Arshid MVTA, along with the staff, spearheaded an enforcement drive. The operation, spanning from Gatsoo to Bhaderwah road, placed a special emphasis on passenger vehicles, focusing on the removal of extra seats, grills covering emergency exits, and tackling overloading.

During the drive, a thorough inspection of vehicles revealed a staggering 46 operating in contravention of various provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. Challans were promptly issued for offenses including unauthorized seating (Section 207), absence of speed limiting devices (SLD), violations under Section 190, traffic signal infractions (Section 52/177), mobile phone usage while driving, overloading of passengers, overloading of goods, and compound-related violations. The on-the-spot realization of Rs. 13,500 from compounded challans underscored the seriousness of the enforcement measures. In a notable development, one driving license has been recommended for suspension, signalling the commitment of the authorities to uphold road safety standards.

Similar checking drives have been reported from Gandoh, Thathri, Assar, Bhaderwah, and other parts of the district, where Tehsildars, Naib Tehsildars, Police Officers conducted thorough inspection/ checking of vehicles plying on roads to ensure the safety of the commuters. Hundreds of challans have been issued and many driving licenses and RCs have been recommended for suspension and cancellation.

It is pertinent to mention here that yesterday, a crucial District Road Safety Committee meeting was held in which directions have been issued to make compulsory installation of CCTV cameras in every passenger vehicle particularly in metadoors and buses. ARTO DODA has issued an order in this regard. Furthermore, it has been made mandatory to display information in every passenger vehicle, depicting PCR and Traffic Police toll free numbers, Driver and vehicle’s information, and speed limit authorised for that particular road.