District Development Commissioner Reasi inspects Water Filtration Plant at Dhansar Baba

REASI : District Development Commissioner (DDC) Reasi, Vishesh Mahajan today conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Water Filtration Plant situated at Dhansar Baba. The visit aimed to assess the operational status of the filtration plant and ensure the provision of safe drinking water to the local residents.

During the inspection, the DDC meticulously evaluated the filtration plant’s condition and examined key parameters essential for delivering potable drinking water to the community. It was revealed that the Dhansar Baba Water Filtration Plant plays a crucial role in supplying safe drinking water to thousands of residents in Katra town and its surrounding areas.

Engaging with the concerned officers on-site, the DDC discussed measures to enhance the efficiency and streamline the operations of the plant. Emphasizing the administration’s commitment to ensuring access to safe drinking water, DDC Vishesh Mahajan highlighted the importance of a continuous and reliable water supply in the district.

The DDC further conveyed the administration’s commitment to maintain the quality of water provided to consumers. He urged the engineers responsible for the water filtration plant to uphold high standards and ensure the regular supply of potable water to the residents.

Xen Jal Shakti Department RK Gupta and other concerned officers present during the inspection.