Digital Governance: University of Jammu launches Samarth ERP Implementation


JAMMU, 3 MAY: In a major shift towards transparency, efficiency, and accountability, University of Jammu today launched the E-Governance initiative with the implementation of Samarth ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in sync with the Digital India initiative of the Government of India. This strategic move by the E-Governance Initiative Cell marks a pivotal moment in the University’s pursuit of modern governance practices. Speaking at the launch of the Samarth ERP, Prof. Umesh Rai, Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu complemented the E-Governance cell of the University. Prof Rai expressed optimism about the transformative impact of Samarth ERP, stating, “The implementation of Samarth ERP underscores our commitment to embracing technology for the betterment of governance practices. This initiative will enhance operational efficiency within the University system and empower stakeholders with greater access and transparency.” On this ocassion, Dr. Guneet Singh Sudan, Head, E-Governance cell gave a detailed overview of the Samarth ERP. Giving details of this, Dr Guneet said that the modules under this initiative shall be implemented in two phases. In phase-I, 13 modules were launched today whereas 12 modules will be implemented in Phase-II. Samarth ERP is an initiative by the Ministry of Education, Govt of India aimed at promoting good governance practices in educational institutions through the adoption of digital solutions. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of software modules designed to streamline administrative processes and enhance operational efficiency. In this direction, University of Jammu endeavors to achieve a paradigm shift in governance with the introduction of Samarth ERP, leveraging ICT to drive transparency, effectiveness, and responsiveness across all facets of university operations. This transformative initiative aligns with the university’s vision of adopting best practices to enhance service delivery and stakeholder engagement. Governance in the digital age necessitates the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to facilitate interactive engagement between organizations and their stakeholders. Samarth ERP emerges as a beacon of progress, offering a comprehensive platform that not only harnesses technology but also fosters active participation from employees and students. This ERP system will streamline the operations, ensuring smoother day-to-day functioning by simplifying processes and workflows. With advanced data precision, SAMARTH guarantees accuracy in transactions and reports thereby enhancing the university’s working. The University of Jammu’s adoption of Samarth ERP, an initiative by the Ministry of Education, underscores its commitment to deploying a digital framework of good governance. Samarth ERP offers over 40 software modules tailored to address the diverse needs of University operations and administration. In Phase – I of implementation, the University of Jammu has launched several critical modules, include -Core Module, Employee Management System, Knowledge Management System, Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) Module, Grievance Management System. Furthermore, the University of Jammu has introduced modules such as Leave Management System, File Management & Tracking System, Inventory Management System, Guest House Management System, Fleet Management System, Legal Case Management System, Recruitment Management System and Core Communication System, among others, to streamline administrative processes and enhance operational efficiency. In Phase – II, University is set to launch Payroll Management System, Budget Management System, Vendor Bill Tracking System, Hostel Management System, Sports Management System, Health Management System, Estate Management System, Residence Allocation System, RTI Management System, and Research Project & Management System.

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