Diesel-petrol crisis in J&K and Ladakh due to disruption of rail service, many pumps can ‘dry’ today

JAMMU: Farmers of Punjab and Haryana continue to protest against agricultural laws. Many farmers’ organizations have also started a rail roko movement to protest against the law. Because of this, trains have stalled. The impact of the rail roko movement is beginning to be seen across the country. Especially in Jammu and Kashmir and Leh-Ladakh, it has become very difficult. Petrol and diesel are not being supplied here due to the stagnation of railways, which is why a big crisis has arisen at the petrol pumps.
On Wednesday evening, HP, BPC and Indian Oil Depot in Jammu stopped supplying pump dealers. The stock level of the three depots has reached the minimum level of MSL. Let me tell you that oil reserve is kept in it only for army and emergency. It is believed that in many petrol pumps, petrol and diesel will be finished by Thursday, that is, many pumps have reached the verge of drying up.
It takes three days to supply
Owing to the Rail Roko Movement, petrol pump owners are now getting oil from tankers from Jalandhar and Bathinda. It is taking at least three days to supply. Stock up to Guruvar is left at many petrol pumps of the city. That means after that the oil can become deep in the state.
Due to non-availability of goods trains in Jammu, there has been a huge reduction in the supply of oil. Especially for Kashmir and Ladakh, this crisis can increase difficulties.
450 tankers are supplied daily Petrol pump operators have been asked to take oil supplies from their tankers to other states. The three depots supply 400-450 tankers a day to Jammu and Ladakh.
By three o’clock on Wednesday evening, oil supply was supplied to some petrol pumps selling more than ten thousand liters from the three depots located at the railway station. But after that the supply was discontinued. These depots supply liquids like petrol, oil, kerosene etc.
In Jammu, 3000 to 5000 liters of petrol and 800 to 1100 liters of diesel are sold daily at a petrol pump. Every tanker was supplied with a tanker daily, which is not available now. A tanker supplies about 12000 liters of oil.
Long queues at the pumps There are long queues of people at petrol pumps amidst the shortage of petrol-deals. There was a competition to put more diesel-petrol for emergency. Pump owners have stopped supplies amidst congestion.
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The problem will increase further due to snowfall If no solution is found about the shortage of oil soon, then it may take a crisis and a formidable form in the coming days. Snowfall starts in many areas of Jammu and Kashmir in the month of November. Due to this, movement on the roadway gets blocked. In such a situation, 6 months stock is already deposited for these areas. But now it is difficult to complete this stock which may go further.