Detenues health being monitored on regular basis: DGP Prisons

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SRINAGAR: According to Director General of Police, Prisons Department, the State government with a view to maintain peace and harmony in the State has taken certain preventive measures including detention of persons under the provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act, 1978.
According to the press release, “The detaining authority before detaining a person under the preventive detention law intimates him the grounds of detention. In cases, where the detenue is required to be shifted outside the State on various grounds including inputs from the security agencies, all the procedures and the laws related to shifting of detenues are complied with.”
Furthermore, the press releases reads, “In jails outside the State, where the detenues have been shifted, the diet is being provided to all the detenues as per the relevant provisions of the applicable jail manual. The detenues health is being monitored on regular basis and in case(s) of health issues; the detenues are provided proper medication under the supervision of a specialist.”
“The near relatives who intend to visit the detenues are allowed to meet in accordance with the relevant provisions of the jail manual. To facilitate the visitation of the relatives of the detenues, the prison authorities in the State can be contacted during the office hours,” reads the press release.