Democratic Sovereignty Shackled By Politicians



How best the politics has been defined by Oscar Ameringer, a German editor and author of manybooks “Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other”, Sean O’Casey an Irish dramatist and memoirist has nicely commented on Politics that “I don’t know why,but they seem to have a tendency to separate us, to keep us from one another, while nature is always and ever making efforts to bring us together”. The quotation well suited to my Jammu and Kashmir state, where political regime having basically their regional formation are doing the same job of dividing the three regions of the state for their political game plan. The gibberish agenda of the political parties and their concept is quite understable asto the common man.

Our J&K is a wonderful state in India in spite of several diversities; we are bonded with many social cultural and family knots.The state is abundant in having very good human beings, god fearing, educated,honest, sincere and hardworking. Closely knitted family system is our social strength. Having abundant potential our state should have progressed a lot but unfortunately we are lagging behind.

Like politicians across the country, our politicians too are seasonal players. For their narrow political ends they do anything compelled by circumstances. They don’t mind, joining hands with sympathizers of the anti-nationals, religious leaders or even with their staunch political opponents. They comfortably polarize voters in the name of caste, region, language or religion. Our politicians have a history of whipping up communal passions and comfortably winning elections.

Every responsible citizen of this state is duty bound to think very seriously, how long this will continue? It looks as though we have pledged our state’s management to political parties. We are helplessly tolerating our politicians sometimes cursing our fate. Of course, it’s an undeniable fact that streamlining our political structure is a day dream. Our politicians are enjoying only because many responsible citizens of this state are comfortably sleeping. For most of us, politics is a dirty subject; hence we prefer to remain aloof. What we fail to understand is, our indifference is disastrous for the whole nation. Highly deplorable is our negative preclusion that there is no remedy at all.

Ordinary countrymen are the most law abiding citizens of this country. In contrast, we can find law breakers among lawmakers. Similarly, ordinary citizens are the honest tax payers while people with political links continue to be tax evaders. Sadly, we get attracted towards our politicians’ emotional speeches as if they are the true nationalists or our real saviors. Any politician presenting emotional issues is actually trying to fool his own massesand make political capital but we fail to understand this harsh reality.

Politicians have become bosses of their own and unquestionable super citizens. This is totally against the basic tenets of democracy. Still it’s going on because people are unaware of their individual sovereignty status. Immediately after winning elections, citizens are stripped of their democratic sovereignty for the next six years. Perhaps, this could be a token of gratitude from ruling party. Our stateslike our countries apathy will continue unchanged unless responsible citizens do not wake up and come forward to counterall anti-social / anti-national groups.Whenever few enthusiastic individuals or groups come forward, other citizens should support and encourage them.

The more the thieves the more the robbery and hence country becomes poor. For this again prices are hiked to maintain budget of the government and again that money is misused. No one has the power to question and even if someone questions no one is there to answer. The leader try to abuse each other and the common man is tiered to see their drama.We find that every political party has its hidden agenda of winning the election. In other way if we see, there is no protection to common man. There is a sense of “no one cares for anyone” and when we find zero results of fancy policies of the government, we can easily conclude what the word ‘crocodile tears’ mean.

There is wide spread and evergreen corruption. There is no protection for common man as the leaders itself trying to misuse or misbehave in the public. The leaders try to play divide and rule games.They divide the people based on religion, caste; languages etc and try to gain votes to get power though they are not worthy to rule the state or country. They encourage unfair business practices to get support for election campaigns. This we can see as most politicians support rich people for their business aspirations in turn for monetary benefits like party funds etc. The sole motto of the politicians is to get into power to make money and benefits but not benefit the country. So they use protest and strikes as a means for publicity. Previously these strikes and protest lead to democracy. But currently behind every strike and protest there is a hand of political party. The political parties can even halt the parliaments and senate from functioning smoothly. In places where there are multiple parties in a house. We can notice incidents where in one party tries to obstruct the house and see that voice of others are not heard. Also due to these politically provoked strikes and protest, the common man is at loss.

During strikes, the shops and markets remain close. When these strikes run for week and even months, income sources suffer. But in-spite of this, the parties aimat their publicity but not the plight of com-mon man. And if someone questions this,they say it is their right protest as provided by the democracy. So in one way our democracy has leaded us to conflicts instead of prosperity.Social justice is the fair and just relation between the individual and society. Social justice assigns rights and duties in the institutions of society, which enables people to receive the basic benefits and bur-dens of cooperation, but we find the political fraternity quite averse to the system of social justice for political gains and necessity in politics in the words of Charles de Gaulle that “in politics it is necessary either to betray one’s country or the electorate. I prefer to betray the electorate” and our politicians are true follower of this concept.


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