Delhi govt to carry out operation SHIELD at 21 locations identified as containment zones in National Capital: Kejriwal

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New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said that 21 containment zones have been identified in Delhi, and operation SHIELD, which includes sealing, identifying and quarantining people in these containment zones will be implemented.
He said doorstep delivery of essential supplies and door-to-door checking of people in these areas will also be done by the Delhi government.
Addressing a digital press conference here, Mr Kejriwal said containment has begun in 21 areas in Delhi, which have been sealed to protect people living their from COVID-19.
Mr Kejriwal said, “We have begun Operation SHIELD in those areas, wherein SHIELD means S – Sealing of the immediate area/surroundings after geographical marking, H – Home quarantine of all the people living in the area, I – Isolation and Tracing of people who have been first and second contacts, E – Essential Supplies which involves doorstep delivery of essential items to the people in those areas, L – Local sanitization and disinfection of those areas, and D – Door-to-door checking of those areas, so that people having symptoms of Corona are isolated, and testing can be done after taking samples.’
‘Whatever areas have Corona patients, Operation SHIELD has been put to force in those areas. We hope that you will support us in all these steps that we are taking to ensure that there is no spread of Corona in Delhi,” he said.
Certain orders on behalf of the Delhi government were issued yesterday, under which it is necessary for every person stepping outside his home to wear a mask.
“This has been advised based on recent observations and news from across the world where authorities are advising everyone, and not just people infected from Corona, to wear masks to protect themselves. Based on the experiences of other countries, we have issued orders that everyone stepping out of their homes in Delhi should wear masks. If you do not have a mask, you can use a clean cloth or a handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth so that you are not infected. I understand that this lockdown is a difficult time for all. But this lockdown is necessary for our own good. There have been 2000 deaths reported in the USA in the last 24 hours, we do not want to let that happen in India,” Mr Kejriwal said.
Mr Kejriwal reiterated his appeal to the people to stay inside, wear masks, practice social distancing, to protect themselves from COVID-19.