Delhi Govt To Build PG Hostels For Cows


Days after the UP government introduced ‘cow protection and welfare’ cess, it’s time for the Delhi government to serve the ‘cattle class’. The government of Delhi announced that it would open “PG hostels for cows whose owners lack space to accommodate them and build an old-age home where the elderly would live in company with cows and tag all pets and cattle in the city with microchips to monitor their health and identify their owners.

Besides, 272 animal hospitals will also be established, one in each ward. The owners will have to pay for the cattle’s PG services.

The AAP government’s Development Minister Gopal Rai said while unveiling the animal health and welfare policy that the animal husbandry department was being renamed animal health and welfare department.

The government has also planned to open 11 animal mortuaries with post-mortem facilities besides building more gaushalas.