Delhi Assembly’s Peace & Harmony Committee summons Kangana over her remarks

New Delhi: Delhi Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Peace and Harmony on Thursday summoned actor Kangana Ranaut to appear before it on December 6 over Ranaut’s allegedly calling the entire Sikh community “Khalistani Terrorist”.
The committee said that it received multiple complaints about the Padma Shree awardee making “eliciting outrageously offensive and derogatory” statements against Sikhs.
According to the complaints, Kangana had posted a story on November 20 on her Instagram account after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the repeal of the three contentious farm laws.
‘‘Khalistani terrorists may be arm twisting the government today…. But let’s not forget one woman…The only woman prime minister ne inn ko apni jooti ke neeche crush kiya tha…..No matter how much suffering she caused to this nation… she crushed them like mosquitos at the cost of her own life …. Lekin desh ke tukde nahi hone diye.… even after decades of her death… aaj bhi uske naam se kampte hain yeh…. Inko vaisa he guru chahiye….,” her Instagram story caption read as per the complaint.
The committee believes that the actor has a massive influence with a reach of 80 million followers on her social media account and her alleged defamatory remarks can disturb the peace and harmony of society.
“These statements purportedly posted by Ms Kangana Ranaut has caused immense agony, distress and gravely hurt the religious sentiments of the people from Sikh Community, thus potentially leading to a situation of disruption of peace and harmony in the NCT of Delhi by allegedly disrespecting the entire community and purportedly instigating threats to the life and liberty of the people from the aforesaid community,” the committee said.
The committee also pointed out that the alleged remarks by Kangana have led to unbearable humiliation for people from Sikh Community but has also led to apprehensions regarding their safety, life and liberty in their minds.
“Given the gravity and the importance of all these issues in the NCT of Delhi, the committee on “Peace and Harmony” under the Chairmanship of MLA Sh. Raghav Chadha has summoned Ms Kangana Ranaut to appear before the Committee to deliberate on the present issue more comprehensively and coherently,” it directed.
The Peace and Harmony Committee, which was formed by the Delhi Assembly in 2020, is also currently hearing complaints related to the Delhi riots and last week it recorded statements of a Facebook India representative.