DB directs state to file response in PIL on security withdrawal of separatists

JAMMU: In a Public Interest Litigation filed by Deewakar Sharma seeking withdrawal the security cover provided to the separatists including Hurriyat leader and other persons who are indulging in anti-national activities against the national interest in the State of Jammu and Kashmir; a Division Bench of J&K High Court comprising Justice Dhiraj Singh Thakur and Justice Sindhu Sharma after hearing Advocate Lawanaya Sharma for the PIL, directed state to file response within six weeks.
In the PIL it has been submitted that since the onslaught of the phase of militancy in Kashmir from 1990, there had been a war like situation in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, which has been aided and instigated by the forces inimical to the country sitting across the border and their agents who are sitting inside the country especially in Kashmir Valley and in order to maintain the security of the State as also the law and order problem, appropriate action is required to be taken against such persons who are propagating separatism of the State from the Union and who are also instrumental in the propagation of communal hatred leading to mass migration of Kashmiri Pandit community from Kashmir. However, surprisingly instead of taking stern action against such persons, the respondents are spending huge expenses in providing security cover, boarding/ lodging, medical facilities and even food to such separatists and pro-militant elements particularly in Kashmir Valley and the amount so spent by the Government is from the public exchequer which is collected through taxes being paid by the common man. Therefore, it is baffling for a common man to understand as to how the taxes being paid by him through hard earned money is used for providing security cover, boarding, lodging and medicare to the persons who are threatening the very unity and integrity of the country as also the life of a common man.
In the PIL it has been further said that whatever may be the policy of the Government with regard to dealing with the militants and separatists, it cannot be a policy of using the money of the common man against him by providing benefits to the separatists and preachers of militancy.
He further submitted that it is again very surprising that there is no uniform which has been provided to the Government employees which they should wear while attending and discharging their duties and most of the times it is very difficult to identify as to who is the Government employee in the office. Providing of uniform will add discipline to the Government offices and will make it easy to identify the Government employees attending the office or not.
He further submitted that the major problem which the State of J&K is facing at present is reporting of false and frivolous news items and even in some cases circulation of genuine news in a manner which is highly instigating and motivated. In almost all the cases of unrest it starts with the reporting in the media whether electronic, print or social and it leads to spread of rumours. Media instead of playing its actual role as a strong pillar of democracy, is more happy in playing role of instructor and prompter of separatism and unrest particularly in Kashmir valley. This may apply to certain vested segment of the media though there is responsible media also working in the Valley and elsewhere which is still trying to maintain balance. Drawing Lakshmana Rekha for media is dire need of the hour so that the grave situation which is being faced by the State and the Nation is taken care of.