Daily Predictions

1. Aries: Compassion is the key to success. You will win when you hit the discussion to the core of your heart.

2. Taurus: Kind words and love is all that matters. Gratitude changes life for the best.,

3. Gemini: You are a winner abd always will be. Enjoy the perks of hard work.

4. Cancer: Dance and sing. It’s the best way to release stress. Enjoy being at the moment.

5. Leo: Every cloud has a silver lining. Every close door has an open entrance. Look at opportunities.

6. Virgo: Intuition and gratitude are the key words. Trust the little voice in your head.

7. Libra: When life throws lemons on you, make lemonades. Turn every negative situation to the positive by saying- how does it get better than this?

8. Scorpio: Time is money and money is time. Money follows passion. Join the dots.

9. Sagittarius: Respect woman and your divine creativity. Use heart where it matters.

10. Capricorn: Decisions are pending. Life is never ending. Choose a path and make it the best decision.

11. Aquarius: Smile and the work smiles at you. What you are within is what is reflected outside.

12. Pisces: Shortcuts cannot replace hard work. Don’t count your blessings. Keep moving ahead.

Geetika Gupta Mahajan,

Tarot card reader and Angel therapist

Access consciousness Healer