Cows in govt shelters of UP to wear jute coats in winter, to be fed jaggery

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government has taken an important decision to protect the cows of the state from the intense cold and inclement weather in the winters.
The cows living in the government-run cow shelters will be given jaggery to eat and winter coats made of jute and sacks to keep them warm in the chilly nights. The animal husbandry department has already made elaborate arrangements for this.
Apart from this, hay will be laid on the ground in the cowsheds, so that the cows can be protected from winter in the harsh winter.
According to Vidya Bhushan Singh, Joint Director of the Animal Husbandry department, here on Sunday there are 5173 gaushalas in the state where more than 5 lakh 26 thousand cows live.
He said that with the beginning of winter, the work of laying hay in the cowsheds had started. The laying of straw etc for cows to sit in almost all the cowsheds has been completed. Apart from this, coats made of jute sacks are being arranged for the cows. This will keep them protected from the winter chill.
At the same time, the gaushala are being covered with thick polyethylene curtains or tarpaulins, so that the cold and gutsy winds do not penetrate and reach the indoors. Jute bags and sacks are made by stitching together to make thick curtains and covers.
The same jute bag will be used to make a cow’s coat, which will be worn by cows to stay warm in winter. Jute bags will be provided by the District Supply Department. In some districts, gram panchayats will make coats for cows under the MNREGA budget and the cattle sheds ranches will be covered with polythene and other materials.
According to the Animal Husbandry Department, in order to protect the cows from the freezing cold, a bonfire will also be provided in the cowsheds. Apart from this, cows will be given jaggery along with normal food. It is also being arranged.