Covid: Renowned singer Tanya Gupta rolls out smile at Jammu’s orphanage home

Tanya Gupta performing in Jammu

Jammu: In the winter capital of the Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, music is playing the role of uniting people in times of adversity as the entire world grapples with Covid 19 pandemic.
A program titled- “Music, Motivation, and Masti” – organized by the renowned singer from Jammu, settled in the financial capital Mumbai, who has made her name in Bollywood, was aimed to motivate young kids at Bal Ashram – SOS a home for destitute here in city outskirts.
Honoured by Late President APJ Abdul Kalam, Ms Gupta’s work has been admired and acknowledged by many and she had also represented India at the closing ceremony of the Asian Games held in China in 2010.
Ms Gupta was in town due to the advent of COVID-19 lockdown and organized a voluntary performance at SOS orphanage house for doing her bit of giving back to the community.
She used music to create awareness about social distancing, hygiene, and cleanliness to defeat this disease
Betwixt the pandemic guidelines, popular hummable numbers like “KAR HAR MAIDAN FATEH, LOVE YOU ZINDAGI, ASHAYEIN” were sung for imparting a deep impression in children, to urge youngsters and also encouraged them to sing along with her where Children at destitute home tend to enjoy her electrifying performance.
“Children are feeling depressed and gloomy because of the uncertainty of this disease and staying indoors for long. I thought to cheer them up, motivate them and uplift their spirits, spread smiles,” says the Singer.
She added, “these months haven’t been easy for anyone, including me but using music to convey the message can truly help lighten the mood.”
In the coming days she has plans to perform at old age home and border belt both along LoC and IB – to further boost the spirit of men guarding frontiers of the country.
“It is because of them we can sleep in peace. Will love to do my bit for these brave hearts standing tall along the border,” she exclaimed.