COVID Declines: February month registers 74 deaths; 17,572 positive cases in J&K

Ladakh logs 3 Covid-19 positive cases

Jammu reports more deaths, Kashmir tops in positivity
SRINAGAR: The third wave of COVID is fast declining in J&K as only 74 deaths and 17,572 cases were reported in the month of February in the entire UT.
As per the data available, 17,572 cases including 9,104 from Kashmir and 8,468 from Jammu were reported in the month of February in Jammu and Kashmir. Besides, 74 deaths which includes 34 from Kashmir and 40 deaths from Jammu divisions were reported in February.
Pertinently, 146 deaths and 94,135 cases were reported in January 2022 while in December 2021, 52 deaths and 4,438 cases were reported in J&K.
Moreover, 4,698 cases and 44 deaths were reported in J&K in the month of November 2021 while 2,819 cases and 10 deaths were reported in the month of October 2021 in UT.
The figures reveal that 4,011 cases including 3,234 from Kashmir and 777 cases from Jammu besides that 14 including seven each from Kashmir and Jammu were reported in the month of September 2021 in J&K.
“3,957 cases including 2691 from Kashmir and 1266 from Jammu and 30 deaths including six from Kashmir and 24 from Jammu were reported in August 2021 in J&K,” the data suggests. “5800 cases and 54 deaths were reported in the month of July 2021 and 416 deaths and 25, 197 cases were reported in J&K in the UT in the month of June 2021.”
The figures state that 1,14,382 positive cases and 1624 deaths were reported in Jammu and Kashmir in the month of May 2021. J&K reported 45,123 positive cases including 28,540 from Kashmir division and 16,583 from Jammu division. “Besides 289 deaths which included 136 from Kashmir division and 153 from Jammu division in the month of April 2021,” the figures reveal, adding that “J&K reported 3,579 positive cases and 53 deaths in January 2021 while 1,998 positive cases and 21 deaths were reported in February 2021 and 4,456 positive cases and 37 deaths were reported March 2021.”
The figures further state that in December 2020 J&K reported 10747 positive cases and 189 deaths, in November J&K reported a total of 15, 439 positive cases and 216 deaths and in October last year, J&K reported 19,715 positive cases and 297 deaths.
Pertinently, 37,373 positive cases and 478 deaths were reported in J&K in the month of September 2020, highest in the year 2020. “17,339 positive cases and 326 deaths were reported in J&K in the month of August 2020,” the figures suggest.
Moreover, 12,862 positive cases and 276 deaths were reported in J&K in the month of July 2020, the data states.
As per the official data, in the first 115 days (from March 08-June 30, 2020) 7,497 positive cases and 101 Covid-19 related deaths were witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir.
It may be recalled that the first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in India was reported on January, 30, 2020, originating from China.
The virus later spread to various states and union territories in India. Two suspected cases with high virus load were detected and isolated on March 4 in Government Medical College, Jammu. One of them became the first confirmed positive case on 9 March 2020. Both individuals had a travel history of outside J&K.