COVID-19: 59 new cases, total reaches 445 in Delhi, says Kejriwal

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New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday informed that 59 new Novel Coronavirus positive cases have surfaced in Delhi in the past 24 hours, taking the total to 445 till date.
Addressing a digital press conference here this evening, Mr Kejriwal said, ”The number of Coronavirus cases stood at 445 in Delhi, but the situation was under control and there was no community transmission.”
He said there were 40 cases of local transmission, while a majority of other patients either had foreign travel history or they were recently evacuated from Nizamuddin Markaz.
“Among all the patients who have Coronavirus, around 11 are in ICU and five are in ventilators. We can say that this is the local transmission and not community transmission. In community transmission, people do not get to know from whom they are getting affected but right now, no such situation has occurred in Delhi.
”We have found 2300 people from the Markaz. Among these people, 500 are admitted to various hospitals and around 1800 are in quarantine,” Mr Kejriwal said.
”We are testing all the 500 people because they have various symptoms and all of them may be suffering from Coronavirus, which means the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Delhi will increase,” he said.
”But, I want to reiterate that this is not community transmission, so there is nothing to worry yet,” Mr Kejriwal added.
He said that till now, Delhi has witnessed six deaths due to Coronavirus. “Among these six people, five were above 60 and one person was 36-year-old. Also, three were from Markaz,” Mr Kejriwal said.
”The deceased had other serious diseases. One person had liver disease, another had sugar, two had respiratory disease, while one had heart disease. I want to request to all the senior citizens, who are above 55 or 60 years of age, to be very very cautious about the situation and do not go outside,” he said.
”All the senior citizens are very precious to us and I do not want anyone of them to suffer. I will also request the people, who have serious diseases, to be very cautious because Coronavirus can be lethal for them,” Mr Kejriwal added.
“Right now, I have two priorities. Number one is to ensure that there should not be any community spread of Coronavirus and the second is that if somebody is affected by Coronavirus, then the person should get the best treatment and no death should happen in Delhi.
”I am personally monitoring the situation in Delhi and I have every record of the persons who are affected by the COVID-19. We will ensure the best health facility and treatment to these patients in Delhi.
“Recently, due to the Nizamuddin incident and as Delhi already has many foreign patients, the number of Coronavirus patients have suddenly increased. Right now, we urgently need PPE kits and we have already written to the Central government about it.
”I do not want the doctors and nurses to work without the protective gear, but the Centre is yet to provide us with these kits. I will request the Centre to provide us with PPE kits urgently.”