Courses on ‘Juvenile Justice’ and ‘Cyber Forensics’ commence at SKPA

Police officers participating in the training courses posing for a group photograph on the first day of training at SKPA in Udhampur on Tuesday.

UDHAMPUR: A 3-Day course on ‘Juvenile Justice’ and 5-day course on ‘Cyber Forensics’ commenced at Sher-i-Kashmir Police Academy Udhampur today. 30 Police officers of the rank of Sub-Inspector to Dy.SsP reported to participate in the said training Courses. The course on Cyber Forensics was designed to sensitize the participating officers about the concept of cyber crimes, issues related to cyber crimes, legal provisions and to inculcate the skills of handling investigation of cyber crime cases. This course has been designed by Nayeem Abass Hamdani (Cyber Consultant). Besides, course on Juvenile Justice was designed to sensitize the Police Officers regarding the various legal provisions of protection care and rights of the children.
Both the courses were formally inaugurated by Mohan Lal, JKPS, SSP Assistant Director (Outdoor/Indoor) SKPA Udhampur. Mohan Lal, SSP in his inaugural address, briefed the participating officers about the basic concepts of the courses and nature of crimes being faced by men in Khakhi. In his inaugural address Mohan Lal, JKPS, SSP has laid stress on the emerging challenging in the field of Cyber & Juvenile Crimes. He also laid emphasis on the adoption of the innovative methods to curve the menace.
The inauguration was also attended by Ashish Rathore, CPO, Sh. Suraj Singh, Dy.SP (R&D)/(Administrative Officer) and Sanjeev Gupta, Inspector.