Country Safe For Visitors: Sri Lankan President


Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena called on foreign states representatives to lift travel restrictions they issued for their citizens after the Easter deadly blasts, stressing that national security had been ensured in the South Asian island country, according to sources.

The president briefed the diplomats, as well as representatives of international organisations in the country, on progress in Sri Lankan security services’ counter-terrorist operations.

Sirisena reportedly said that 95 per cent of terrorists involved in the attacks had been detained or accounted for, while only two or three suspects had not been apprehended. He also voiced the belief that terrorism threat would soon be eliminated completely, given the support of foreign intelligence.

Sri Lankan police chief Chandana Wickramaratne said that all the suspected organisers of the blasts, which hit the country on April 21 and carried away over 250 lives, had been arrested or eliminated.