Correct, positive approach goes long way in converting adversities into triggers of development: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the correct and positive approach always goes a long way in transforming distressing times into opportunities, adversities into triggers of development and progress.
Speaking on his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, the Prime Minister said in the present times of Corona, the youth & women of the country have come up with new experiments on the basis of their talent and skills.
”In Bihar, many women self help groups have begun making masks with Madhubani motifsā€¦ by and by, they turned out to be very popular. These Madhubani masks, in a way, propagate a regional tradition; besides protecting health, they also create opportunities for livelihood.”
He said Bamboo which grows abundantly in the North East, is now being used by artisans of Tripura, Manipur and Assam, who have started crafting high quality water bottles and Tiffin-boxes.
”If you glance at the craftsmanship of these bottles, you will not believe that Bamboo can be used to create such fine products. Moreover, these bottles are eco friendly. Before actually making them, the Bamboo is first boiled, adding Neem and other medicinal shrubs. Thus, these bottles also acquire medicinal value,” he said.
Giving another example from Jharkhand, Mr Modi said small local products can be hugely successful.
”In Bishunpur, Jharkhand, more than thirty groups are collectively cultivating lemongrass. It takes four months for lemongrass to mature and its oil fetches a decent price in the market. These days, this product is much in demand,” he said.
He also referred to two regions of the country- both hundreds of kilometers apart; yet contributing in making India self reliant in their own unique and novel ways.
”One is Ladakh; the other is Kutch. The mere mention of Leh-Ladakh creates images of picturesque valleys, mountain heights & whiffs of fresh air. On the other hand, reference to Kutch draws images of an unending desert with no vegetation in sight.
”In Ladakh, a distinct fruit called chooli or apricot also known as Khubani is grown. This produce has the capacity to transform the economy of the area. But unfortunately, vagaries of supply chains & weather are some of the formidable challenges it keeps facing,” he stated.