Coronavirus: Jammu faces “shortage” of hand sanitisers, masks

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Jammu: Jammu has started facing “shortage” of hand sanitizers and masks at shops of chemists and druggists amid mounting coronavirus threat.
As preventive measure, people have started using hand sanitisers and wearing masks as corona virus threat is looming large.
However, the Jammu and Kashmir administration on Friday morning also said that the reports of two suspected coronavirus cases have arrived and both are high viral load cases and there is high probability of testing positive.
“As the government has appealed to public to cooperate fully wherever quarantine is advised, people have started following the protocol and advisories being issued time to time,” said a dealer of drugs and medicines.
Prem Sharma, General Secretary, All Druggists and Chemists Association here told UNI, “shortage of hand sanitisers and masks has arisen in the city because more and more people have started using them.”
Mr Sharma said that the supply is less but the consumption and usage of these products have doubled.
Another dealer Vikrant Bakshi said, “we order limited stock of masks because the usage is not that high but for the past three days especially when positive cases were reported in India, people have become cautious.”
“Presently we are running out of stock of masks and hand sanitisers and the supply is also limited,” said Bakshi.
Generally, people ask for branded hand sanitisers but now even those being used in hospitals and nursing homes, are also selling fast.
Grocery dealer Ramesh Mahajan said, “we had stock of hand sanitisers of companies like Dettol, Savlon, Lifebuoy, Himalaya but suddenly in three days, entire stock is sold.”
He said, “we have ordered for fresh stock but have to wait for some days as the wholesale dealers are not getting the supply.”
Meanwhile, masks are also being sold in large and the shopkeepers are charging between Rs 20 (normal) to 300 (high quality) for each mask.
The doctors of Jammu have also appealed to the government to arrange proper masks and hand sanitizer.
”Coronavirus is spreading worldwide and doctors treating patients are on high risk of getting infected and if doctors get infected while treating patients they can spread it to other people,” Dr Balvinder Singh, president, Doctors Association Jammu said.
He said that most of the hospitals are not providing masks and hand sanitisers to doctors of state, adding, ”we have requested the government to instruct all hospitals of state to provide proper masks, gloves and hand sanitizers to doctors and health workers.”
Dr Singh also requested the government to arrange separate OPDs for flu like illness so that spreading coronavirus can be prevented.
”It can be prevented if we follow some basic rules like people should regularly and thoroughly clean hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water,” he said and appealed further to maintain at least one metre distance from the person coughing or sneezing, avoid crowded places and unnecessary travel and also avoid shaking hands, use masks and hand sanitisers.