Cooking Gas Prices Hiked By ₹50 For Domestic, ₹350.50 For Commercial Cylinders

New Delhi:

Prices of 14.2 kg domestic liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and 19 kg commercial cylinders have been hiked with effect from today, March 1.

The hike for domestic consumers will be ₹50 per cylinder and ₹350.50 per bottle for commercial consumers. In Chennai, the new price of cooking gas used in kitchens would be ₹1,118.50 per cylinder, and commercial, used in restaurants and industries, would be ₹2,268 per bottle.
The retail selling price per domestic cylinder in Delhi will be ₹1,103 and that of a commercial cylinder ₹2,119.50. The last time that domestic cylinder prices were revised was in July 2022.

Auto LPG prices too have been revised by ₹6 per litre effective today.