As ‘World Nature Conservation Day’ is being celebrated today it is time to address the challenges confronted due to Climate Change issue that has resulted due to utter negligence and carelessness of the people who preferred greed against green. Every year 28th July is celebrated to increase awareness of the natural resources that the Earth is bestowed with and the need to ensure their long term protection so that not only the present generation but even the posterity has more than enough to sustain in a healthy environment devoid of natural calamities on account of climate change. There is a need for creating massive awareness at the local, regional and global levels. In this regard every individual needs to display utmost seriousness in addressing this most significant issue. Climate Change is not only one of the most serious threats to the environment, health and economy of the nations but to that of the whole world today. Currently the massive floods in Asian nations including China, India and other neighbouring nations prove beyond doubt that for fiddling with nature people will have to pay heavy price. Chinese had to blast the highest dam of the world of which it used to boast unabated. It is pertinent to mention here that this dam that had even slowed the speed of Earth’s rotation had to be destroyed to save the significant areas and its people by China. This is not the only case nations as well as people across the nation and globe have been ruthless in using the natural resources and still it is high time to mend the ways and initiate a movement of which each and every individual across along with the nations will have to become proactive participants contributing little as well as big that will ultimately bring the vast change in environment that has to be achieved at any cost. Here in India Mahatma Gandhi’s life and ideals who believed in simple living and high thinking and following this path can undoubtedly go a long way in recouping from the enormous environmental degradation caused by the human beings themselves not only endangering their own life and future but that of the whole flora and fauna and the posterity. There have been great seers in India at local level who kept on reminding the population of this sub continent about the serious consequences of fiddling carelessly with the environment asking them to seriously address the issue. Their advices and suggestions can also prove handy in addressing the issue at local levels as per the specific requirement of the respective areas. So let every individual join the initiative in this direction on a war footing not restricting enthusiasm and activity to this single day, but pervade every moment of the day, till the ‘World Nature Conservation Day’ next year. Moreover there is a need to create positive energy and awakening among the people across the country. The people need to realize the significance of shifting to more use of public transport, cycles and reduce the use of air-conditioners and other appliances leading to heat and other harmful emissions besides using the all important natural resources especially water judiciously. The prime need is well planned conservation strategies based on people’s involvement. It has to be realized by one and all that without this involvement it would not be possible to implement such strategies for controlling and containing the grave consequences of the progressively increasing exploitation of natural resources.