Congress protests against CAB, remarks of Amit Shah

Congress party senior leader and activists protesting against CAB on Wednesday. Aman

Jammu: Congress here on Wednesday held a protest demonstration against the citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and termed it as against the spirit of the constitution and basic idea of India.
The party also protested against the remarks of Home Minister, Amit Shah blaming Congress for the division of the Country on two nation theory.

The protest was led by senior party activists, former ministers and leaders of frontal wings.
While holding placards the protesters raised slogans against the Home Minister for his misleading remarks. “CAB will weaken the unity and harmony in the Country.”

Prominent senior leaders of the party who participated included Formers Ministers and Vice Presidents PCC, Raman Bhalla, Mula Ram and GM Saroori , Chief Spokesperson, Ravinder Sharma , General Secretary, Shah Mohd Choudhary, DCC Presidents Vikram Malhotra, Manjeet Singh and other activists.
Bhalla claimed the bill being discriminatory and against the basic philosophy of the foundation of country on secular basis. “The creation of Pakistan by Jinnah was opposed by Congress led by Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Dr. Ambedkar but the extremist forces divided the Country on communal and religious lines.”

He said that the party is against any such attempt that aims to create division in the society for vote bank politics. “This kind of approach will threaten the basic unity and harmony in our country.”
Ravinder Sharma criticized the remarks of the Home Minister, Amit Shah in Lok Sabha blaming the Congress party for the division of the country in total contradiction to the historical facts.
“The BJP should stop misleading the nation with a view to libel the Congress for political interests.”