‘Congress leadership spreading misinformation campaign based on falsehood order to defame BJP’

JAMMU: Congress leadership is busy spreading a misinformation campaign based on falsehood in order to defame Bharatiya Janata Party under the false notion that through such blame game they will be able to subvert public opinion and subside the anger harboured by the people against them, asserted Brig Veteran Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of BJP. Congress leaders continue to harp on the role of Indira Gandhi in 1971 victory which was achieved by the Indian Armed Forces at a great cost. But what happened after the war displays the true calibre of the then Congress leadership, he questioned.
Congress handed over about one lakh Prisoners Of War (POW) to Pakistan unconditionally without securing the release of about 150 Indian POW who were in Pakistani jails thus betraying the Indian Armed Forces and the families of the POW which included many Dogras. Congress handed over the Shakargarh tehsil captured through blood and sweat by the Indian soldiers without taking back Chhamb from Pakistan.
Congress cheated the Indian Armed Forces through introduction of the concept of “Rank Pay” in 4th Pay Commission which was later struck down by the Supreme Court as “illegal”. The status of Armed Forces Officers was downgraded by Rajiv Gandhi Government after their valiant sacrifices in Sri Lanka. Congress ended long established equation of Military, IPS and officers of other Indian Services, with 14 years of service, who were formerly in the same pay grade as majors, by suddenly equating them to Brigadiers, on the basis of new pay grades.
This is how the nation’s military was rewarded for the Bangladesh victory and first overseas operation launched by the Army Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka for which Congress claims the credit, stated Spokesperson of BJP.
Recently, another sinister campaign has been launched by the party with reference to the amendment to land laws. Their contention that new land laws will destroy Dogra identity is bereft of facts but a ploy to support the Gupkaris clarified Brig Gupta.
In fact, NC-Congress-PDP are the parties responsible for the loss of Dogra pride and prestige. NC-Congress combine is responsible for the demographic invasion of Jammu which not only destroyed the Dogra heritage and identity but also enabled state sponsored encroachment and loot of the green gold wealth of the abode of Dogras, Jammu. All along the river beds and banks from Ravi to Tawi, members of a particular community were facilitated to settle. These later became routes of infiltration of the terrorists. Congress not only endangered the lives of the local Dogras through settlement of pro-Jihadi Rohangiyas and Bangladeshi immigrants but also deprived jobs to local Dogras. Congress-PDP were responsible for Roshni scam benefiting the influential rich and mighty at the expense of the ordinary Dogra.