Congress always fought steadfastly against those challenging India’s pluralistic principles’: Bhalla

Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir’ organized in Kathua
Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir’ organized in Kathua

Kathua: JKPCC in third layer of ‘Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir’ Tuesday organized Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir’ at Kathua organised by Pankaj Dogra District President Congress Committee in which JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla was Chief Guest and Ex. MLA Balbir Thakur and Ch. Hussain Ali Waffa Vice Chairman ST Cell were special guests. All the District Congress Committee office bearers and senior leaders were present. Prominent among those present on the occasion include Nirdosh Sharma, Kulbir Pathania ,Pawan Sharma,Rabinder Paul Singh,Rakesh Sharma,Kajal Rajput,Yog Raj,Pushpa Devi,Sanjay Razdan, Adv Rakesh Sharma,Karan Singh, Rashid Poswal,Vishu Andotra ,Sat Paul Bhandari,Ashok Kumar,Rajnish Verma,Sohan Lal ,Jewan Jyoti,Gurudev Singh,Vikas Sharma,Arun Mehta,Narinder khajuria, Besides Panches and Sarpanches, Ward members were also present. Organizational affairs, membership drive and organizational elections and issues of women and youth, social justice, public welfare and other matters of public importance were also discussed in detail.
Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla said that the focus of the deliberations was on the current political, social and economic situation as also the challenges they pose to our society and the nation. Issues relating to the welfare and well-being and the trampling upon of the rights of the Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes, Backward Classes, Minorities, Kisans and Khet Mazdoors, religious and linguistic minorities, women, social justice and empowerment, empowerment of the young deliberated by the Nav Sankalp Shivir. In addition, matters relating to organizational restructuring and strengthening were also deliberated. Between June 11 to 14, district-level workshops were also conducted to discuss and plan the execution of the Udaipur Nav Sankalp Declaration at the district and lower levels. Bhalla further said that Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir aims to be battle-ready for the next round of assembly polls and the 2024 Lok Sabha election by adopting three broad themes – connect with the people; agitate on the streets, and usher in organisational reforms.
Bhalla traced the pivotal role played by the party during India’s freedom struggle and in the events that unfolded following independence. He also highlighted how the collective leadership and vision of Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi shaped an inclusive and empowered India, in which every citizen has the ‘Right to information’ for transparency and accountability in governance, ‘Right to work’ under MGNREGA, ‘Right to food’, ‘Right to education’, ‘Right to forests’ for adivasis and forest-dwellers, and ‘Right to fair compensation and transparency in land acquisition’ for farmers. On the one hand, India crossed double-digit growth for the first time and on the other hand, 14 crore people were lifted above the poverty line along with the emergence of a large and progressive middle-class. Aspirations of the people rose and many touched new heights of progress. There was social harmony all around, there was peace and brotherhood, there was progress, and also a new ambition to keep moving forward,” said Bhalla.
Bhalla lamented how the coming to power of the BJP in 2014 led to the current situation of the country facing multiple crises. “Many conspiratorial forces came together to unleash a vicious cycle of propaganda to acquire power and in the process derailed the forward march of India on the path of inclusive development, empowerment and social harmony. But in the last eight years, the aspirations and expectations for the country’s success, progress and social harmony, have been deliberately drowned in doom, gloom and darkness. In the name of demonetisation, jobs and trade were dealt a body blow. A high-handed and arbitrary GST brought small and medium industries to the brink of disaster,” Said Bhalla. Born of the crucible of India’s freedom movement, the Indian National Congress stands tall on the legacy of immense resilience and sacrifice. Congress fought for elimination of all-round inequality, discrimination, bigotry, obscurantism, untouchability and parochialism. This epic struggle was led by crores of Indians under the leadership of the Indian National Congress.
Bhalla further said that the tradition of fighting for justice, the will to struggle and willingness to sacrifice, including martyrdom for the nation, paved the way for the unity, integrity and progress of India for the next seventy years after independence. The Indian National Congress and its leadership have always fought steadfastly against all those challenging India’s pluralistic and inclusive principles, especially those who took the path of violence and extremism, fundamentalism and naxalism. Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and countless others laid down their lives to protect Indian values. After independence, there were neither enough food grains nor industries. There were hardly any health facilities, educational institutions, irrigation, means of transport and communication, almost no electricity generation and inadequate arrangements for the security of the country. To free the country from the feudal tyranny of hundreds of princely states was a huge responsibility in itself. Through sheer determination, the leadership of the Indian National Congress converted all of these challenges into opportunities and laid the foundation of a strong, peaceful, inclusive and progressive India.
Bhalla further observed that not only this, in the last eight years, the youth of the country is bearing the brunt of intolerable levels of unemployment. The fire of inflation has scorched every person and family. Buying a gas cylinder for the home is now out of reach. The skyrocketing prices of petrol, diesel, flour, edible oil, pulses, vegetables and daily essentials have made life difficult for most Indians. Unemployment and inflation have now become a curse for the citizens of the country. No section of the society has remained untouched by the apathy of the ruling government. India meanwhile is passing through a period of severe economic slowdown. Entire industries and businesses have collapsed but the government remains unconcerned. For the first time in seventy-five years, the country’s rupee has tumbled to ₹77.50 against a dollar. Every single public asset of the country built over the last seventy years is being sold arbitrarily by the BJP government. It seems that the government has put up a board that says ‘India for sale’, added Bhalla.
Speaking on the ocassion, Ex MLA Balbir Thakur and Ch Hussain Ali Waffa said that to cover up its unforgivable failures, the BJP government is creating an atmosphere of communal disharmony in the country. Minorities, dalits and the poor are being targeted. The BJP’s hunger for power is sowing the seeds of hatred on the basis of religion and caste. India’s pluralism, brotherhood and inclusive values are being attacked. There is a malicious conspiracy to divide India on the basis of caste, faith, food, dress, language, and region. The BJP’s relentless efforts to implement its ideological agenda of fundamentalism have pushed India’s economy to the margins, they added. This is a serious alarm bell for the present and future of the country. In view of these extraordinary circumstances and challenges, the Indian National Congress has organized the “Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir”. In the prevailing divisive environment, the BJP keeping the people ensnared in a web of religious and caste division to reap political benefit is a matter of deep concern, they added.