Colonel Colony, Rani Bagh Without Water For Over A Month


Following snag in the supply line, the inhabitants of Colonel Colony and Rani Bagh falling under Satwari have been deprived of water supply for the past over one month, but the PHE authorities have failed to take the cognizance of the matter.

“Despite the fact that the matter has been highlighted before the concerned officials number of times, our all pleas ended to the deaf ears of the department, as till date no action was initiated to redress the genuine demand of providing clean drinking water”, said Provincial Vice president YNC, Amandeep Singh Cheema – a resident of the area.

Now, After month long wait the locals of the areas themselves have started to dig the water supply lines which is highly shameful on part of the PHE department, in particular, and state govt, in general, who are failed to provide clean drinking water even in the urban localities, one can imagine the condition of the rural belts, he asserted.

When contacted, PHE Chief Engineer Ashok Gandotra pleaded ignorance about the stoppage in water supply for last over one month and passed the buck to Executive Engineer of the said area. However, he admitted irregularity in water supply due to damaged to old supply lines and mentioned that proposal was under consideration to replace the old water supply lines.

Meanwhile, Executive Engineer, J P Singh also expressed ignorance about complete stoppage of water supply in Colonel Colony and Rani Bagh areas for the last one month.

“The matter came to my knowledge that water supply is not proper in these areas and took up the issue with higher authorities. The pipelines would be changed but the process is getting delayed due to tendering process. As soon as, the paper work is completed, pipes will be replaced”, he added.