Close Up | Roohi Singh, The Boy Who Took His First International Flight That Made Jammu Proud


The auditorium was filled up with enthusiasts all over the world at an international and prestigious Global Cultural Exchange Program where the son of the soil, Roohi Singh not only made the chest of his state people swell in pride but also infused gratification in the hearts of the countrymen by representing his country in AIESEC El Jadida (Morocco), and also at TEDx Chouaib Doukkali there.

Born into the renowned music family of Jammu, Roohi always had an inclination towards music. Waking up to the serene sounds of his father’s Suraj Singh’s ‘riyaaz ‘ everyday, intrigued him to music but he was always fascinated by other creative aspects of the film world that made him learn Film and Video work professionally and explore it further by working under different media groups.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it, “Every artist was first an amateur,” holds so true for Roohi who tried his hands at many to quench his creative desires and found his true passion being a RJ with 92.7 Big Fm at Jammu. Roohi has not only managed to master the art of being a successful RJ but also hold strong opinion in issues like health and education, inequality, economic growth, climate change. The RJ from Jammu has put in hard work and the toil and talent helped him to represent the country and display his capabilities on an International Podium. Following are the excerpts from his interview where he speaks about taking his first international flight and the experience at AIESEC El Jadida (Morocco).

You recently represented India at AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internships, and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe? How did that happen and how was the overall experience?

I have been trying to be part of it for past three years and have been trying to do everything possible in my capacity to be part of AIESEC – Global Exchange Programme. Each of us thrives on something or the other and when we achieve it, not many recognizes the difficulties lying in the path but only the one who has achieved knows. I am happy that the perseverance and the hard work I put in for years paid off and also thankful to my support and will that did not let me fall or got lost in the way.

Representing your country at any level is a matter of esteem and indeed a proud moment and doing it at such a huge platform was definitely BIG for me. I had never flown out of the country before this and landing at a completely different land, interacting with different people across the globe was all together a never to forget experience of my life and certainly a milestone for me. It not only gave me an opportunity to know about the different cultures across the seven seas but also made me realise that at the core we all were united by the purpose we all were there for. It also helped me elevate my confidence and adaptability skills. The journey surely gave me many tales to tell to my own grandchildren.

You mentioned that you applied for sustainable development goals set by the United Nations General Assembly… How are you as an individual progressing in that direction and also initiating action for others?

The best method to initiate any positive step is by connecting with the people. As the world is shrinking, the means to connect with the masses are increasing making reaching out easier. I had been very active since my college days promoting the communal brotherhood, peace awareness programmes and several other social issues at hand. Whenever possible, I incorporate feasible methods to make the world a better place to live and I am also lucky to be in a job where I can raise the voice in those concerns.

We know that you have acted, you have also tried your hands in video editing and cinematography, you are a RJ too…Coming from the family of music, your father being the renowned Dogri singer, Sh Sooraj Singh Ji, how close is music to you?

My father Sooraj Singh is a profound Dogri Singer and I am blessed to be part of the musical legacy. When one is part of such legacy, it sometimes becomes difficult to disintegrate yourself and form an individual identity. I wanted to discover my own path, make my own mistakes and I am so glad my family supported me in all my decisions. Music for me was a home but film making and my other creative explorations were like a weekend house my soul longed for and this getaway place was created by me for the Roohi I wanted to be. I am still on my path and for this…this RJ will play the song le jaaye kahan ye hawaein

You sang a Dogri song at your Ted talk in Morocco. Any particular reason for the same?

When in Rome, do what the Romans do is how the saying goes but I feel be yourself wherever you go. The choice of Dogri song was not an impulsive or a momentous decision; it was very much a premeditated one. I am a Dogra first than anything else. The Identity of being a Dogra is an integral part of me wherever I go representing the country. I did not want to the chance to go by so I sang in Dogri on an international platform where a large audience heard me and realized the sweetness of my mother tongue. I wanted to give the message to be proud of one’s roots which I very much am.

Since you represented such a prestigious Global Cultural Exchange Program where you got to witness different cultures and interacted with many different nationals, which particular culture or national made the maximum impact on you?

I was residing alongside various cultures and people from different nationalities but still the culture and the hospitality of Morocco inspired me and influenced me a lot.

You mentioned that you applied for sustainable development goals set by the United Nations General Assembly… We are living in times where at one hand there is disparity and disagreement that disturbs the oneness in the world and on the other hand there are people who are working day and night for the peace of the world. What role according to you, a youth can play considering the scenario in our state?

The onus of maintaining peace and tranquility is necessarily, the duty of every citizen but the mass responsibility lies on the shoulders of the youth. Youth can propagate the importance and the need for the peace in the current scenario of havoc and hues. The youth can take up the task of staying away from hatred and hate mongers and spread awareness amongst the others too.

You don’t have a formal training in the RJ process and you still manage the same like a natural. What’s the secret?

It’s very simple and your question answer is in the question itself which is “Be Natural”

What’s in-store for future?

I am the kind of a person who believes in the philosophy of go with the flow. I believe that planning things makes them complicated. Believe in your skills, learn your things and live your dreams but in the present and not in the future. I don’t know what future holds for me because the part of my job is to hone my skills and believe in my ability and rest is the part of destiny’s business…

Whatever the future holds, we wish the young boy with great heights in all his future endeavours.