Chhari Poojan performed at Shankaracharya temple Collective prayers offered for early end of pandemic

Mahant Deependra Giri performing pooja at Shankaracharya Temple as holy mace reached the historic temple on Monday.

JAMMU: In the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Chhari-Mubarak of this year’s Swami Amarnath led by Mahant Deependra Giri was taken to Historic Shankaracharya Temple in Srinagar today for prayers on the occasion of ‘Haryali-Amavasya’ (Shravan Amavasya), as per the age-old customs.
The sound of conch shells reverberated and charged the whole atmosphere in and around the temple complex and the Puja archana was performed by chanting the Vedic hymns.
Only selected number of Sadhus participated in the prayers due to COVID-19 pandemic following all the protocols set by the State Administration. Pujan lasted for about 90 minutes.
Collective prayers were offered for early end of the pandemic so that people across the Globe can start living their normal and natural life at an early date.
Collective prayers were also offered for peace and prosperity of Jammu & Kashmir.
‘The True Trust’, founded by Mahant Deependra Giri in year 2004, shall make all the necessary arrangements like yester years for Sadhus coming from across the country to join Chhari-Mubarak Swami Amarnath Yatra for their food, accommodation and transportation during the pilgrimage.
The Chhari-Mubarak shall be taken to ‘Sharika-Bhawani’ Temple at Hari Parvat in Srinagar tomorrow to pay obeisance to the Goddess Sharika.