‘Centre, UT Administration neglecting Sikh community’

JAMMU: Several prominent BJP Sikh leaders of J&K alleged that the Central Government and UT administration of J&K is not paying any heed to the problems being faced by them especially in Kashmir region with the result community feels to be ignored and neglected by both the governments of Centre and LG Administration here.
While referring to the issues and long pending demands of the community, the leaders, in a joint statement, expressed their anguish and resentment towards the present Govt over the non redressal of genuine and deserving demands of the community.
They said that Sikh community of J&K had very high hopes from the Modi lead Central Govt and the Abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35A was welcomed and supported by the community with this expectation that the minority benefits and status of a micro minority shall be extended to the community but ever since then the sentiments and emotions of the community are being sabotaged every now and then while extending the relief and other concessions to other minority communities who have migrated or not migrated from the UT.
While expressing their concern and distress, they said that though the issues and demands of Sikh community of J&K are very few but genuine and justified but they are surprised to see that not even a single demand of theirs is addressed or even discussed thereof. It has put the community in a state of distress and doubts.
BJP Sikh leaders said that this is the last and final Communication to the Union Govt and LG administration on behalf of Sikh community of J&K that their genuine, justified and just few demands should be addressed on a priority.
They demanded inclusion of Punjabi Language as official language of the UT, extension of Prime Minister’s employment package to Sikh community, extension of reservation in admissions of technical and professional colleges, and inclusion of Sikhs in Pahari speaking reservation.
The Sikh leaders urged upon the Central Govt and UT administration that the demands of Sikh community, especially the sufferings of Kashmiri Sikh minority be addressed on the priority basis otherwise they would adopt aggressive measures to get their demands redressed.
Sikh community of J&K demanded the sanction for ‘Sikh Minority Development and Welfare Board like other ST, SC and OBC Development Boards in the UT.
They also demanded that each Govt school in UT should have a reserved post for a Punjabi teacher, master, lecturer etc.
They also demanded inclusion of a Sikh member in J&K Public Service Commission.