Central govt employees to get dearness allowance along with arrears in Sept: Union

New Delhi: The central government employees’ union claimed on Tuesday that the government has agreed to pay the installment of the dearness allowance for January and July 2020 and January 2021, by adding it with the installment of July this year, by the month of September.
After talking to the representatives of the organization, the General Secretary of the organization Shiv Gopal Mishra said here that on June 26 and 27, a meeting of the National Council/JCM was held in the North Block, in which he himself as well as the Cabinet Secretary of the Central Government and other leaders participated. In the meeting they held discussion on as many as 28 important issues.
Mr Mishra said that in the meeting, among other issues, the issue of dearness allowance and dearness relief to pensioners, which had been frozen by the government due to the corona pandemic for the last one and a half years, was also taken up.
He said that the Cabinet Secretary agreed that the three installments of the dearness allowance/dearness relief i.e. January 2020, July 2020 and January 2021, which were frozen by the government for the last one and a half years, will be paid in September 2021, including the arrears of July and August 2021 by adding it with the installment due in July 2021.
Mr Mishra said that the Cabinet Secretary assured him that the payments will be made expeditiously. He said that in the midst of the Corona pandemic, most of the central government employees had continued to work putting their lives at risk and many even lost their lives, therefore, in such a situation, it was a absolutely unfair for the government to deprive them of their legitimate benefits.
He said that the government has failed to control inflation and on the other hand, the allowance which was given to the central government employees in the name of dearness have been frozen, which made it difficult for them to manage their finances and run their households.
Mr Mishra expressed the hope that the decision taken in this meeting has now raised hopes of bringing some relief to the central employees and their families.