Butterfly Census begins at Environmental Park Raika

JAMMU: Like last year, this year also UT of J&K celebrates Big Butterfly Month in September which is a nationwide campaign to understand the importance of butterflies, their habitat, distribution and ecology through a series of events.
The Institute of Mountain Environment in Collaboration with GGM Science College Organized Butterfly Surveys in different areas of Jammu which is a citizen science initiative aimed at helping us assess the health of our environment. In the series, today the 30 minutes count survey was conducted at environmental park Raika. Over 50 people of various age groups participated from all over the region. The purpose of the survey was to assess butterfly diversity as they are very sensitive to habitat disturbance and pollution so they act as an indicator species. Butterflies not only provide the information about the overall health of an ecosystem but they are also vital part of it as both pollinators and component of food chain. Butterfly decline is also an early warning for other wildlife losses and therefore if their numbers are falling, then nature is in trouble so tracking number of butterflies is crucial in the fight to conserve our nature hence such activities should be carried out at regular intervals said Dr Shakha Sharma Assistant Professor and J&K State coordinator BBMI 2021.
A species-wise butterfly count data was collected during 30 minutes count survey and an official list of butterflies will be prepared with photographs that would help assessing the butterfly diversity of the area said Dr Neeraj Sharma Head Institute of Mountain Environment, University of Jammu.
The outcome of the survey will form the basis for planning the future management strategy and the work of conservation of butterflies can be done which is necessary for forest promotion and food security.