As the nation celebrates its 76th Independence Day this year, it is opportune time to find out whether we the people of India have played a sincere role in the nation building after attaining freedom from the British rule and what have been our achievements during the past over seven decades. Despite having taken giant strides in varied fields we have failed to maintain unity in diversity on the expected lines. The paradise on the earth called Kashmir from where the father of the nation saw a ray of hope emanating when the whole subcontinent was witnessing massive bloodshed on account of partition, has witnessed the worst form of ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiri Pandits who till date have to remain contented with repeated promises of dignified and safe return and rehabilitation to their homeland without any visible results on ground. Not only this, the terrorist influence refuses to die down in the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir despite all efforts at all levels culminating in annihilation of complete leadership of the terrorists in the Valley, and still targeted killings continue in certain pockets. Although there is no doubt about our neighbour leading a full-fledged crusade against us, yet we can’t finish the story every time by simply saying that ISI or Pak establishment is behind the terrorist and other disruptive activities. We need to realize that by placing this excuse before public the government cannot be absolved of its crucial responsibility to ward off such incidents or give a befitting reply to the patrons and perpetrators of terror. After a proper analysis of events during all these years of Independent India at least one thing that comes to fore is that the people who care for the nation are not yet ready or organized to such an extent as to be impactful, while the people who were in the position of influence during the governance in the yesteryears till 2014 never cared for the flawless nation building as due to their short sightedness they had seeming made their wallets the first choice. It is pertinent to mention here that Nation-building is quite a simple phenomenon that can be achieved with full excellence provided that those at the helm of affairs pursue it with strong will, determination and sincerity placing all interests subordinate to the national interest as could be felt by the people during the incumbent governance. Nation Building after all is not deal-making but a persuasive art to build a structured nation out of myriad ethnic groups and other diversities. In this regard decisiveness and intellect are the tools to achieve the goal of a strong nation. Unfortunately indecision, lack of political consensus on crucial issues and opportunistic political class in the past had utterly disappointed the common man of the nation that ultimately resulted in the communal polarization just for harnessing vote banks. In case of the miniscule community of the valley being educationally much ahead of other communities in the region, the members believed in liberalism that undoubtedly stands for modernity. However they failed to recognize the political paradigm of liberalism which is marred by vote bank factor for purely personal and party interests and it would not be wrong to say that liberalism in a political paradigm stands against everything that consolidates a nation. In the valley the liberal paradigm became masochist that glorified tolerance against intolerance and ultimately resulted in suicide of the freedom of miniscule ethnic group that suffered centuries’ old persecution even after achieving independence in 1947. This failure of the nation at large should be a lesson for the nation builders who need to read the writing on the wall. This Independence Day let’s all identify the maladies responsible for such sordid state of affairs today and initiate measures on a war footing, reminding those at the helm of affairs including those in the opposition that a nation can’t be built by rhetorical flourishes. Present day’s Indian political culture seems to be promoting diversity that coincidentally goes against unity. So, first and foremost this trend needs to be shunned at all costs. In order to achieve the goal of nation building as per our expectations, those in governance especially the political class needs to ensure ethics of unity in diversity, democracy, tolerance and fair distribution of national wealth in true spirit as these are the factors that build strong nations. JAI HIND!