Breach in Prime Minister’s Security in Punjab

Omkar Dattatray
Unfortunately there was a major security lapse in Prime Minister’s security in Punjab and such a security breach is unheard in our country. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy was forced to strand on a flyover because of the blockade by the protesters in Ferozepur on Wednesday. The Prime Minister was forced to return to Delhi without attending any rally or any event. The security breach in the Prime Minister’s security is a very serious matter and it needs to be probed so that all facts about the security lapse will come to light. The security to the Prime Minister in Punjab is the sole responsibility of the state government but it failed to provide fool proof security to the visiting Prime Minister. It is alleged that the Khalistani organization has asked the people of Punjab to disrupt the Prime Minister’s rally and it has announced an award of Rs 80 lakh for the nefarious purpose of disrupting the rally. Not only this the BJP supporters were not allowed to assemble for the rally to be addressed by the PRIME MINISTER in the poll bound Punjab. The laps in Prime Minister’s security are serious and grave matter and it has created grief and outrage in the country. The country has experienced and faced the gruesome assassination of the two Prime Ministers Smt. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and it does not like to risk the life of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is very popular and is loved by all the people. There was a threat to the life of the Prime Minister and thank God that he returned to Delhi safe and sound and the people of the country heave a sigh of relief on his safety. It is perhaps the Congress government of Charanjeet Singh Channi which engineered the security threat to the Prime Minister Modi who was to address a public meeting in Ferozepur but was not allowed to attend and address the rally. Not allowing the Prime Minister to attend and address the public rally is very undemocratic and it should not have happened but perhaps due to the collaboration of the Congress government with the anti social elements. There is thus the outrage in the people of the country about the security lapse in the Prime Minister’s visit. It was the responsibility of the government of Punjab to maintain law and order during the Prime Minister’s visit and rally and in this the state government has failed. But it is very unbecoming and unfortunate that the various political parties have not expressed concern and have not condemned the security breach in the Prime Minister’s visit as he was forced to return to Delhi without attending and addressing the rally nor did he attend other programmes which were in his schedule. This is very unfortunate that the Prime Minister was not allowed to attend the rally and other events and this is a matter of grave and great concern. It needs through probe and investigation to fix the responsibility so that those responsible for the unfortunate security lapse are dealt with under the law of the land. The different political parties and the politicians have not with one voice expressed the agony and condemnation over the unprecedented security lapse. There is need to express the concern and agony over the breach in the Prime Minister’s security by the political parties cutting across the party lines. Because the Prime Minister is not of any party or parties but is of the one hundred and thirty crore citizens. He is the Prime Minister of the country and as such he is not the Prime Minister of the BJP and its NDA partners but is the prime minister of the whole country and as such is worthy of respect and veneration by all the people of the country. Therefore he should have been provided security by the Punjab government for his rally and other events and programmes and there should have been no security lapse in the Prime Minister’s security. It is very unfortunate that in spite of the intelligence reports about the holding of the protests the Punjab police did not fallow the blue book and has not prepared and kept the contingency plan and route for the prime ministers convoy. Since Punjab is a sensitive boarder state and a visit by the head of the country having a security breach has dangerous implications. The ministry of home affairs of the government of India has sought a report from Punjab government on the security breach in the Prime Minister’s schedule and how it happened. Besides a report has been demanded from the intelligence agencies over the security lapse. The Prime Minister was to visit the National Martyrs Memorial at Hussainiwala by helicopter but due to bad weather and poor visibility the Prime Minister waited for twenty minutes for the weather to clear up. But when the weather did not improve it was decided to visit the martyrs memorial by road and after necessary clearance from the DGP and when Prime Minister was on his way to the national war memorial, and when it reached to the flyover, it was found that the road was blocked by some protesters and as such Prime Minister convoy was stuck for twenty minutes on the flyover. It was s major security lapse on the part of the state government and needs a through probe to fix the responsibility on the security breach and take a strict action on the defaulters. It is a big question whether a state government can scuttle the security of a Prime Minister which many BJP leaders are claiming. Then what is the purpose and fun of a security brigade of the Prime Minister which is always with PM and what is the need for the security edifice of the centre. The need is to probe the security lapse and fix the responsibility and give a strict punishment to those found involved in the breach in the prime ministers security. The reasons for the breach in the security of the Prime Minister should be looked into and the lapse should be investigated and all those involved in the security lapse should be prosecuted and punished so that such lapses will not happen again with the head of the country. But it is doubly unfortunate that the issue of the security lapse in the PM’s security is being politicized both by the BJP as well as by the Congress party and in doing so they are making many security protocols public which is very risky as the security of many VVIPs is concerned. Both the BJP and Congress are leveling charges and counter charges upon one another which is very disturbing and unfortunate. The security of the Prime Minister is of supreme importance but to the political parties it seems to be secondary. All the political parties should realize that the security of the Prime Minister is of paramount importance and the Prime Minister is not of any party but is of the country. The political parties should desist from politicizing the issue of the security breach of the Prime Minister and should rise in one voice against the security breach and do everything possible so that such things will not happen in future again. Any entity related with the security of the PM should play its role and part in enhancing and improving the security of the Prime Minister. It is a matter of satisfaction that Congress president Sonia Gandhi has told the Punjab Chief Minister to look into the matter of the security breach of the prime minister. The Punjab government has acted swiftly and has sent the report concerning the security lapse to the centre government. Anyway the security lapse of the Prime Minister visit to Punjab is a serious matter and it needs to be probed and responsibility fixed and the guilty punished by holding a speedy trial in the court of law so that such security lapse will not happen again.