Biodiversity awareness initiative completes 10 years of journey of natural heritage interpretation

JAMMU: Biodiversity awareness initiative “Tree Talk” completed its 10 year long journey of natural heritage interpretation in the City of Temples.
While sharing inputs, O P Sharma, (IFS Retd), founder of ”Tree Talk” in J&K, said that Giant Redwood tree Sequiodendron Giganteum is only species in Kashmir at Tangmarg while Haldu Tree Haldina Cordifolia is only species in Jammu in Forest Guards Training School Doomi Akhnoor. “One Tree we lost from Khasi Meghalya India is Sterculia Khasiana, another almost extinct tree from Nilgiris is Ilex gardeneriana. Endemic trees of India include Red Sanders Pterocarpus Santalinus, Memecylon Bourdelloni, Madhuca Diplostemon, Cynometra Beddomei, Litsea Beddomei, Litsea Bourdillonii, Dipterocarpus Bourdillonii”, he informed.
In J&K unique trees like Myrica esculenta, Olea paniculata, Itea nutans, Prunus cerasoides, Symplocos paniculata need inclusion in forest nurseries and reforestation programmes. Sacred groves at Chandigam, Choontwalivar, Kangan Kashmir, Jatwal, Chadei, Baba Goran in Jammu are fine examples of community conservation, said O P Sharma.
“We all foresters know the contribution made by Imperial forest officers, the then CCF Madras presidency Richard Henry Beddome, CF T F Bourdillon in the field of trees, many trees named after them with species epithet as beddomei after RH Beddome and as bourdillonii after TF Bourdillon under various tree genera like Cynometra, Madhuca, Memecylon, Dipterocarpus, Litsea, Glochidion, Shorea etc”, he stated. UN decade of International Biodiversity to close by year 2020, Tree Talk started this day in 2010 completes its decade long Biodiversity Awareness with over 1052 sessions / interactions, said Om Prakash Sharma Vidyarthi, founder of Tree Talk campaign while interacting with Forest Officers, faculty and young trainees. Forest trainees from Miran Sahib, Doomi and Chittarnar Kashmir joined first inaugural session in University of Jammu Lawns in 2010 and today exactly after 10 years in 2020, again forest trainees participated in the deliberations.
There are over 60000 tree species worldwide, 1000 Tree species documented in India, he informed adding that just this year Botanical Survey of India discovered three new tree species namely Eugenia sphaerocarpa from Kerala forest, Goniothalamus sericea and Memecylon nervosum from Kanyakumari forests Tamilnadu.
“Let all foresters take lead in documentation of Biodiversity related knowledge, Tree plant diversity, strengthen community conservation practices, popularise local names vis a vis standardized scientific names of each species in J&K”, O P Sharma said.
Conservator of Forest Irfan Ali Shah, and Dr Jitendra Singh also shared their experience about ”Tree Talk” they had attended as IGNFA IFS trainees at Patniyon in June 2011.
Event was coordinated by Principal Naresh, who also proposed vote of thanks.
It was 1053rd Tree Talk interaction with Forest school trainees who joined through Google meet.