Best Time To Grab J&K’s Designer Kashmiri Work At Discounted Prices


Kashmiri work is well known for its rich embroidery work and intricate designs which reflects the richness of the culture and landscape of the region.

Pheran is the prominent attire of Kashmiri women which not only help to counter cold but also gives astonishing look. Kashmiri shawls have gain popularity in the entire country for their impressive thread work. Kashmiri Shawls have unique embroidery work done on them.

Be it sonzi, papier-mache or aari, the intricate designs put across by the artisans reflects the heart and soul of the beauty of the state. This Kashmiri work on suits, shawls and others with the magnificent Kashmiri details, handmade by the artisans attached to shiny bright colored threads create the intricate, flowing floral motifs that just takes one look to fall in love with.

Kashmiri work has made its permanent place in people’s heart all over the world. And when you know you can buy the best of Kashmiri work at almost half the price, it surely doubles the joy soothing the pocket. Now you can buy the most beautiful pieces of Kashmiri work at half the prize. Visit Angad Creations